students move into residence halls on campus

UofSC move-in 2021 by the numbers

Facts and figures about the estimated 6,150 incoming freshmen

As the University of South Carolina welcomes an estimated 6,150 freshmen to campus, here are some details on the incoming class, student life and move-in. Note: Numbers relating to the incoming freshman class are preliminary and do not include numbers of new students transferring in or participating in Gamecock Gateway.

Incoming freshman class

6,150 — estimated number of students in the university’s freshman class

34,700 — estimated student population on the Columbia campus

75 — expected number of high-school valedictorians in the freshman class

596 — estimated number of freshmen who will enter the South Carolina Honors College this fall 

1,400 — estimated number of freshmen who will enter the Capstone Scholars program

60 — estimated percentage of females in this year’s freshman class

38 — estimated number of sets of twins entering South Carolina this fall as freshmen

25+ — estimated number of countries represented by the freshman class

121 — estimated number of student-athletes in the freshman class

200+ — estimated number of Gamecock Gateway students in fall 2021

Student Services

9,372 — projected number of students who will live this year in University Housing (including Park Place and some placements in the Greek Village, YOUnion and 650 Lincoln) 

3,989 — number of undergraduates participating in seven learning communities four residential learning programs within residence halls 

500+ — number of faculty, staff and current students serving as a part of the volunteer Move-in Crew to welcome and move in new students. 

18.32 — tons of cardboard recycled during move-in 2020

$429 million — approximate amount of financial aid dollars received by the university’s students in 2020-21 

Over 90 — percentage of undergraduates receiving financial aid

Over 600 — associates and 11 campus chefs with Carolina Food Co. serving the university community at 33 retail locations and five residential dining halls across campus 

51 — tons of compost collected in the 2020-21 academic year 

84,201 — packages delivered to resident students during the 2020-21 academic year, with 17,366 delivered through the August 2020 move-in period 

1,484 — number of international students enrolled at the university

330 — expected number of new international students

88 — countries represented by international students

27,500 — approximate number of devices that wirelessly connected to the network on campus on a daily basis during the 2020-21 academic year

Student Life

548 — number of registered student organizations

19 — number of registered religious workers who serve the spiritual needs of students and the university community 

13,446 — student attendance at seven home football games during the 2020 season (due to COVID capacity restrictions)

31,394 — number of athletic student tickets distributed during the 2020-21 season (this includes football, basketball and baseball) 

35,796 — number of commencement guest tickets distributed for the 2020-21 academic year 

73,643 — number of volunteer service hours by fraternity and sorority members in the community during the 2020-21 academic year 

$599,429 —  number of dollars raised by fraternity and sorority members for chapter-based philanthropy efforts during the 2020-21 academic year

4,409 — number of hours 3,211 students in student organizations served in community service in 2020-21, making a $112,121 economic impact

6,900 — number of parents, family members and students who participated in Parents Weekend 2019; Family Weekend 2021 is set for Sept. 24-26.

52,289 — parents and family members registered with the Parent Association

200 — number of first-year students registered to participate in the Multicultural Assistance Peer Program (MAPP). This program pairs first-year multicultural students with a mentor to assist in their transition to the university. 

785 — number of intramural games played during the 2020-21 season, with 13,490 participants

319,704 — total traffic in the Wellness Center in 2020-21

2,487 — number of participants in Outdoor Recreation activities (climbing wall, adventure trips, ORec Hub) during 2020-21

70 — average number of Group X (group exercise) classes offered each week in 2020-21 

1,086,702 — total traffic in the Russell House University Union in 2020-21

Student Success Center

300+ — total number of Peer Leaders providing peer-to-peer support in 2020-21

7,680 — total number of visits to Peer Tutoring in 2020-21

1,508 — total number of visits to the Peer Writing and Communications Lab in 2020-21

40,142 — total number of Supplemental Instruction (SI) visits in 2020-21

56,154 — total number of calls made to current students from the Student Success Center Call Center in 2020-21

30+ —total number of SophoMORE September events for returning second-year students being offering Fall 2021

3 — Number of days Student Success Center staff will offer Gamecock Greeting Crew in Fall 2021 helping students find their classrooms and handing out FREE UofSC student planners in the first three days of classes.

7,000+­  — Number of free student planners available for current students

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