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Campus Conversation: KJ Frazier

Man in cap and gown standing in front of brick wall

"Earning and receiving the Richard T. Greener Scholarship encapsulates a lot. It holds a significant amount of weight because it stands for more than just a simple “award." It highlights the constant progression of Black individuals who attend USC.

Mr. Richard Theodore Greener was a man who was steadfast in breaking the status quo. Not only did he become the first Black professor here, but he accomplished a multitude of things as "the first" and inspired the coming generations. That's what I must do as well — pave the way for those coming behind me, letting them know, that they can do what I did and even more. It's about continuing to break barriers. That's what this award means to me.

I've always been a huge Gamecocks fan, with both of my parents graduating from USC, I inherited that garnet-and-black blood. Coming up here for football games as a child, I was always so eager and so ready to come here, even in elementary school. I am so excited to explore all the facets that USC has to offer, leading me to new opportunities and opening new doors for my future."

- KJ Frazier, freshman international business major