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Campus Conversation: Molly Clark

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"I have spent the past six weeks backpacking in Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil and absolutely loved it. I chose South America because I was looking for a really immersive Spanish language experience and wanted to learn more about Latin American culture. While travel is not as quick as in Europe because of the sizes of the countries here, it is possible to travel affordably if you plan ahead. My favorite places and experiences traveling so far have been going Cusco, Peru, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and getting to spend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I have learned so much from being abroad. For one thing, I am way more confident being independent in unknown situations. I think this is something you develop quickly when traveling and I have constantly surprised myself with my ability to figure things out on my own in new places and in a different language. With that said, I think my Spanish is getting better every day and I am enjoying making friends at my new school in a different language. I also decided to live with a Chilean host family, which has been amazing and has really made me fall in love with this place and their culture even more."

— Molly Clark, junior international business and economics major