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Campus Conversation: Sydney Fulcher

Sydney Fulcher

“I really love the Carolina-Clemson game because we get to interact with the other band a little bit, and it’s a lot of fun to be under the lights. We get to do joint halftime shows that both bands participate in, which is something I think is important for both sides to see, whether it's home or away. I know there will be a lot of emotions this year as we try to fight for a bowl game.

Last year, the Carolina-Clemson game was the loudest that I have ever played in my life. It’s so important for the Carolina Band to be part of those kinds of traditions with this long-standing rivalry. My favorite parts are getting to hang out with my section and my friends on game days. We’re all there because we love music, and it’s so rooted in tradition.” 

Sydney Fulcher, sophomore music education major, oboe player