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SAT Prep

Learn the skills and techniques needed to elevate your SAT score. When you compare the quality, cost and convenience of University of South Carolina SAT test preparation, you'll discover the value of courses that are offered multiple times each year in the classroom on several UofSC campuses or through our live online classroom.

We understand the vital role that college entrance exams such as the SAT play in college admissions. Acceptance into a student's school of choice and scholarship opportunities can hinge on the performance on this high stake exam.

In spring of 2016, the College Board made significant changes to the format and content of the SAT. Our experts take the mystery out of the SAT, making it clear exactly what you need to know and helping you to hone your skills for the current format.

All of our SAT Test Prep course options include expert instruction, a proven format, all required course materials, access to diagnostic exams, and online support resources in one convenient, affordable package. 

  • Expert Instructors: Our test prep instructors are highly trained professionals.  Our experienced instructors know the SAT and care about helping you achieve your goal.
  • Proven Strategies:  UofSC's curriculum was developed by test prep experts, who have years of experience writing exam questions and preparing students for success.
  • Superior Materials:  The SAT Prep Course includes The Official SAT Study Guide and the SAT Course Workbook, designed to supplement the classroom lessons.
  • Online Support: Our online support package for both face-to-face and online SAT classes includes access to recordings of all workbook modules, an instructor-monitored question forum, and virtual office hours. Access to online resources continues for 30 days after your last day of class, so you will still have support for your independent practice after class is over.
  • Convenient Schedule Options: Classroom Test Prep programs are conveniently held on the UofSC Columbia campus in Columbia, SC. Live-Online classes provide alternative schedules and the added benefit of taking the class from anywhere in the world.
  • Value:  The course fee includes all course materials, access to online resources, and instruction from a trained professional who cares about your success.

The SAT exam is recommended and required by many 2-year and 4-year colleges, universities, and technical schools. Check with the colleges you are interested in attending for their average test score.

Properly prepared students are more likely to perform to their highest potential after completing a test preparation course. Let us assist you with meeting your goals on the exam.

Best of all? You can choose the environment that best fits your learning style and schedule from SAT Preparation classroom and live online preparation courses. Take a look at our prep courses to see which one best fits your needs. Learn more about the new revised SAT exam and application information by visiting About SAT & UofSC.

The instructor was ready to answer my questions and I feel as though I gained a lot from this class. The reading and writing and math lessons helped greatly. It was easy to follow.

SAT Weekend Classroom Course

Offered during the academic year, our weekend classes prepare students to reach their chosen test dates at peak performance. These courses meet once per week, allowing time to practice new skills between sessions. Our multi-week course format allows abundant opportunities for learning and for interacting with our expert instructors. Courses are strategically scheduled for the weeks leading up to the most popular SAT dates and include 16 hours of instructiion, meeting on the UofSC Columbia campus.

SAT Prep Live-Online Course

SAT Live-Online sessions provide all the quality instruction of the traditional classroom sessions from the comfort and convenience of your home.  The online class format is delivered by a live instructor, combining the interactivity of a classroom experience and the convenience of an online course. Sessions are recorded and made available to students for review.  These courses meet once or twice a week and include 16 hours of instruction.  Courses are strategically scheduled during the weeks leading up to the most popular SAT dates.

SAT Summer Institutes

Intensive 4-day summer institute run Monday-Thursday from 9AM-3PM each day with 20 hours of instructions and provide students with the tools they need to prepare for and succeed on the SAT. Convenient for students seeking to develop essential test-taking tools during the summer, when most of them have fewer obligations and more time to practice. Students receive in-depth review of the exam content, strategies for improving their scores, and a comprehensive study plan. 

Free SAT Information Workshop

FREE SAT workshops are held throughout the year.  Join our mailing list to stay informed. This workshop will introduce you to the SAT exam including study tips and sample test questions. 


My instructor provided a full range of strategies, helped me practice problems and covered all of the topics. I feel much more prepared!


Our SAT Prep Course Curriculum

Designed by expert writers, our 4-session preparation courses help you understand the content and maximize your SAT score. All of our courses include topics covering required test concepts, including:

Session 1  Introduction to the SAT, General Information; Math Test Overview; Equations; Inequalities; and Reading

Session 2 — Picking numbers; Fractions; Reading

Session 3  Exponents; Polynomials and Analytical Geometry; Writing and Language

Session 4 — Polynomials and Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry; Writing and Language


Quantitative Test topics include:

  • Solution strategies, for both and for multiple choice problems
  • Tips for breaking complex word problems into small, manageable parts
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Exponents
  • Fractions, percentages and averages
  • Rates, ratios, and proportions
  • Polynomials
  • Analytic and coordinate geometry
  • Euclidian geometry and trigonometry
  • Review of the math concepts frequently tested on the exam

Reading and Writing Topics include:

  • Punctuation and grammar
  • Writing structure and organization
  • Sentence completion
  • Critical reading
  • Reading comprehension. Answering reading comprehension questions quickly, without reading the entire passage
  • Graphical interpretation

General Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the New SAT
  • Question formats
  • Time Management
  • Solving “Multiple Right Answer” questions
  • Utilizing the process of elimination
  • Mastering time management skills
  • Minimizing test anxiety
  • Informed guessing

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