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Environmental Health and Safety

FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide) Program

S.C. Department of Pesticide Regulations regulates the application of pesticides by licensed employees or those being directly supervised by a licensed applicator.

S.C. Department of Pesticide Regulations mandates licensure for any UofSC employee who:

  • applies a pesticide with the intention to mitigate a pest of public health significance.
  • engages in an activity to mitigate a pest for compensation, or as a government employee, on the property of another.

If the employee is not a licensed S.C. pesticide applicator, they must apply the pesticide under the direct supervision of a licensed applicator located within 30 minutes of the application site by ordinary ground transportation. The licensed applicator must also be immediately available by telephone or radio.

Due to this requirement, EHS directed efforts to have at least one employee on each USC regional and senior campus who is licensed and serves as their non-commercial applicator.

Non-commercial applicators must track each pesticide application by keeping a record of the:

  • Date
  • Chemical applied
  • Pest targeted
  • Active ingredient
  • Size of area

For more information about pesticide regulations and licensing, contact Jordan Riddle at 803-777-4995 or email

Rules and Regulations for the Enforcement of the SC Pesticide Control Act [pdf]

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