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Environmental Health and Safety

Hazardous Waste Pick-up Request

Waste pickups occur on Wednesday, weather permitting. Pickup requests must be entered by noon on Tuesday to be picked up on the following day.

Hazardous waste is the responsibility of the generator of that waste. In order to have laboratory waste picked up, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The outside of each container must be clean. 
  2. The container(s) must have a HW tag that is filled out completely.
  3. Characteristic Label must be applied to the side of the container and its phyisical hazards must be determined.
  4. The container(s) must be closed at all times unless adding material.
  5. Each container must be entered into the database individually.
  6. Waste containers must be kept in a secure location while allowing  EH&S staff access to the storage area. Hazardous waste containers must never be left in the hallway.
  7. All liquid waste must have pH listed on tag. (Must be checked with litmus paper)

EHS will reject any hazardous waste containers that does not comply with the previous requirments listed above.

Empty glass containers and broken glass should be disposed of in a broken glass box or in the regular trash. Glass or any containers that are contaminated with P-listed [pdf] waste chemicals must be submitted to EHS for disposal via the database. - DO NOT DISCARD ANY P-LISTED MATERIAL DOWN THE DRAIN OR PLACED IN THE REGULAR TRASH. 


Schedule a Pickup

I understand these requirements. Request a waste pick-up.

Hazardous Waste Resources

SCDHEC- Bureau of Land & Waste Management

OSHA- Hazardous Waste

EPA- RCRA Online

EPA Non-Specific Source Waste [pdf]

EPA Toxicity Characteristic Waste [pdf]

EPA Specific Source Waste [pdf]

SCDHEC- Environmental Quality Control

P-listed Waste [pdf]

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