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PeopleSoft University Financial System

Requesting a New Supplier

To verify a supplier in PeopleSoft use the navigation:

 Main Menu > Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Review Supplier

There are three ways you can search for a supplier:

(1) Select “Contains” to enter part of the name of the supplier,

(2) Select “Contains” to enter part of the address, and

(3) Select “Tax Identification Number” or “Employee Identification Number” to enter the TIN/SSN or VIP number. 

If a supplier is not in PeopleSoft, complete the Supplier Information packet found on the Controller’s Office website and submit to the Tax Department using the email address Within two days, you can check the Review Suppliers page to verify the supplier is approved.

It is important to note that a new supplier cannot be requested using the Request a Supplier button when creating a Payment Request as it is inactive.

The supplier packet and individual forms have recently been updated. The primary changes involve contact information as supplier maintenance is now handled in the Controller’s Office. The new supplier forms are posted on the Controller’s Office website. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Tax Department at

PeopleSoft University Financial System

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