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Student Health and Well-Being

Required Health Insurance

Learn about why health insurance is required for all USC Columbia students and information about the only in-network plan for medical and mental health services. 

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Required Health Insurance

ALL USC COLUMBIA STUDENTS MUST HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, including:  undergraduates taking six hours or more and paying the student health fee; graduate students taking six hours or more; graduate students with assistantships; USC School of Medicine students enrolled in 1 or more hours and all international students.

The Student Health Insurance Plan is the ONLY in-network plan at Student Health. If you waive the University Sponsored health insurance plan, some services at Student Health may incur out-of-network costs.

Why the University Requires Insurance

Every student’s health and well-being are critical components to academic success. Access to medical care promotes student retention and success. Students with insurance stay healthier by using recommended preventive care services that help avoid health issues and often detect medical issues that need attention. The primary purpose of student health insurance is to provide an affordable and comprehensive benefits package so students have easy access to physical and mental health care and prevention screenings while attending school. 

Over the past two decades, student health issues have grown more complex. Students may come to college with a range of health care needs from minor to extensive. Student health insurance plays a critical role in optimizing student’s choice for health care services. Those who are uninsured have a higher chance of dealing with more severe illnesses that may impact their academic success. Since unexpected sickness is one of the leading factors for family debt, student health insurance is critical to financial wellness.


The Student Health Insurance Plan 

You must be enrolled in six or more credit hours and in a degree-seeking program in order to purchase the student health insurance plan.


Waiving Out

Learn how you can waive out of the Student Health Insurance Plan if you have health insurance or are covered as a dependent on another's health insurance plan.

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