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Student Health and Well-Being

Student Health Fee

Your student health fee pays for many physical and mental health services, including routine office visits and preventive health consultations.

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Required Health Insurance

ALL USC COLUMBIA STUDENTS MUST HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, including:  undergraduates taking six hours or more and paying the student health fee; graduate students taking six hours or more; graduate students with assistantships; USC School of Medicine students enrolled in 1 or more hours and all international students.

The Student Health Insurance Plan is the ONLY in-network plan at Student Health. If you waive the University Sponsored health insurance plan, some services at Student Health may incur out-of-network costs.

What Does the Student Health Fee Cover?

The student health fee, paid with tuition, covers office visits in Primary Care, Women’s Health, and Sports Medicine. The student health fee also covers individual counseling visits as well as group counseling and wellness, prevention, and advocacy services and programs. 

  • Primary Care office visits
  • Women’s Health office visits
  • Sports Medicine office visits
  • In person and virtual counseling sessions
  • Group Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Preventive screenings
  • Wellness coaching
  • Clinical nutrition, stress management, sexual health consultations
  • Public health preparedness
  • Advocacy services

Routine services are covered completely by the student health fee, paid with your tuition, and most other services are partially covered. You can view a list of services with additional fees and the corresponding charge rates.


Who is Covered by the Student Health Fee?

Students who have enrolled and paid their tuition by university deadlines are eligible for services covered by the student health fee. This includes:

  • Undergraduates taking six hours or more
  • Graduate students taking six hours or more
  • Graduate students with assistantships
  • USC School of Medicine students enrolled in 1 or more hours 
  • All international students

The dean of The Graduate School, under certain circumstances, may certify that a student’s full time enrollment is less than the normal requirement of 9 hours for graduate students or 6 hours for students serving as graduate assistants.

Students with Special Enrollment Status are also eligible for all services at Student Health Services.

Spouses/partners of students with a spousal (or Plus One) CarolinaCard can access Student Health Services. 

Spouses/partners can participate in group therapy and couples counseling. However, counseling sessions and psychiatric evaluations are not covered under the spouses/partners benefits. 

Spouses/partners should seek community mental health resources when individual counseling or more extensive mental health services are desired.   

Children of students cannot access care at Student Health Services. Students can choose to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan for their spouse/partner and children.


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