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Student Disability Resource Center

Web Accessibility

More and more classroom materials are being shared online, whether through USC's Blackboard system or through other web-based resources, which makes web accessibility an incredibly important part of a student's academic success.

Web Accessibility Checklist [docx]

Web accessibility refers to the ease of usability and functionality of a website for all users, with or without a disability. Use our checklist as a guide for increasing accessibility.


Blackboard Accessibility

Blackboard is USC's online course and learning management system available to the entire USC community. The following resources will provide you with some insights on how to accommodate students who may require exceptions when using the tool.

  • Blackboard Test Exceptions
    A video about Test Options and how to set exceptions (e.g. extended test time) for specific students.
  • Blackboard Test Options
    Blackboard article about adding extended test time to online tests for students that receive that accommodation from our office

To ask questions, report problems or make suggestions related to Blackboard:
Phone: 803-777-1800

Screen Readers

Learn how a screen reader works and best practices for creating websites and documents for people who are blind or visually impaired. 

Designing for Screen Reader Compatibility [docx]

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