Photo: Facilities and Resources

Facilities and Resources

We have dozens of laboratories and other facilities available for use by researchers across campus, from Longstreet Theatre to the Mass Spectrometry Lab. We provide all our researchers with support for every step of their work, from writing grant proposals to accounting, mentoring and administrative help.


Our list of core facilities provides a glimpse into some available resources, and our searchable database helps researchers quickly locate highly specialized resources, equipment and facilities available on campus, eliminating unnecessary expenses. Specialized laboratories equipped for experimental studies, testing and analysis in a specific field of study also are available.

Centers and Institutes

All of our colleges and schools have centers and institutes with faculty and staff members who can provide specialized assistance for research projects from all disciplines. 

Administrative Support

We assist faculty and graduate students with every step of the research process. From finding funding to transferring technologies, our goal is to support our researchers so they can focus on their work instead of paperwork.