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My Chem/Biochem


This page contains information useful for Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty, staff and students.


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Safety Chemical Fume Hood Repair Clearance Form Form  
Printing Departmental Printing and Faxing Work Request Form [pdf] Form  Faxing, Scanning, Copying
Printing Dissertation & Thesis Printing Request Form [pdf] Form  
Information Technology Technology Repair Work Request Form Form  IT
Reservations Equipment Reservation Form [pdf]

*Requests must be made at least two (2) business days in advance.*
Printing Fax Cover Sheet [pdf] Form  Telephone, Telecom
Purchasing Food Memo Template [pdf]

*If the food memo is for a blanket memo for the fiscal year you need to include in the memo by estimating how many:  events will be held in the year, number attending, cost per event, and total cost of all events.*
Mailing Customs Declaration Form Form  
Safety Lab Door Templates [pdf]

* Cardstock can be obtained from the Chair's Assistant.
* Lab Signage Example [pdf]
Human Resources Minors in Laboratories Resources (including volunteer form) Policy  HR, Policies
Reservations Classroom Reservation Request Form

*Form is for Non-Course Requests.  Requests for rooms for courses; contact Amy Taylor-Perry*

*Requests must be made at least four (4) business days in advance.*
Purchasing South Carolina Tax Exemption Form [pdf] Form  Purchase
Travel Travel Information and Out of Office Form

* Faculty / Department Professional Staff Only.*

* Must be completed for business and personal travel.*
Travel Student Travel Reimbursement Voucher (TRV) [pdf]

*Download form to desktop and open in a separate application.  Beginning February 15, 2016, all TRVs require the Chair’s signature. You will need to make a copy of the completed TRV form and receipts before submitting it to the Chair’s Office for signature.  Once the form has been signed, it will be mailed directly to the Travel Clerk.  Copies will not be kept in the Main Office.*

*For assistance with Student Travel Guidelines [pdf] consult this documentation before filling out any other forms.*

* Request to Increase TA Amount Form [pdf] (For if the total reimbursement amount is over $250 of the initial TA amount).
Printing University Printing Request Form [pdf] Form  
Purchasing USC Contract Approval Form Form  Purchase
Travel USC Electronic Travel Authorization (TA) - For Students 

*For assistance with Student Travel Guidelines [pdf] consult this documentation before filling out any other forms.*
Human Resources Volunteer Form with Background Check [pdf] Form HR
Departmental Committee Assignment List [pdf] Policy  Directory, Directories
Human Resources Drug-Free Workplace Booklet [pdf] Policy  HR
Research Financial Disclosure Guidelines Policy  Grants
Faculty Outside Professional Activities [pdf] Policy  
Mailing Personal Packages and Mail Policy [pdf] Policy  
Faculty Post-Tenure Review [pdf] Policy  
Travel Seminar Speaker Reimbursement Guidelines [pdf] Policy Seminars, Financial Reimbursement
Information Technology Website Approval Form [pdf] Policy  IT
Academics Steps to a Good Syllabus Webpage  
Human Resources Carolina Card Webpage  Purchase, Purchasing
Academics Chem Draw

*The registration has changed from previous years and now requires an account. Please use your University email address to register.*
Webpage  chemoffice, chemdraw
Academics Chem Draw Software Description Webpage  
Departmental Departmental Library Committee Webpage  Research
Academics SC ACS Education Policies Webpage  
Research SAM Fringe Benefit Rates Webpage  Grants, Human Resources, HR,
Research Scifinder Scholar Webpage  
Research Scifinder Scholar - New Users Webpage  
Purchasing Property Transfer / Turn In Form [pdf] Form  Inventory, Purchase
Parking Vehicle Management and Parking Services

Information Technology University Technology Services (DoIT) Webpage  IT
Information Technology DoIT Quick Help Guide Webpage  IT
Information Technology University Email FAQ / Instructions Webpage  IT
Information Technology Virtual Private Network (VPN) Webpage  IT
Purchasing Membership Memo [pdf] Form  Dues, Benefits, organization
Purchasing Purchasing Information 
Form  Purchase Requisition, Supplies, Chemistry and Biochemistry, DEV, Direct Expenditure Voucher
Purchasing PeopleSoft Log In 

*PeopleSoft offers additional details on training and resources.*
Webpage Financial, Purchasing, Payments, Human Resources, Payroll, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Information Technology Email set up
Webpage Outlook, Student Email System 
Information Technology Microsoft One Drive for Business

Instructions [pdf] for how to map to OneDrive

*Department note - personal OneDrive should not be used for department business.*

Webpage IT, file storage, confidential data 
Seminar Template Instructions [pdf]

*Please note: All seminar flyers need to be sent to the seminar coordinator,, at least one week in advance of your seminar date.*

Analytical Template [docx]
Biochemistry Template [docx]
Dissertation Template [docx]
Inorganic Template [docx] 
Organic Template [docx]
Physical Template [docx]
Form Divisional Seminar, Template, Dissertation Template
Reservations Conference Room Reservation Policy/Procedures [pdf] Policy  
Departmental Departmental Typesets
Chem/Biochem (with college) 1 line [jpg]
Chem/Biochem (with college) 2 line [jpg]

*Please note: Typeset are to be used on digital items only, and not on promotional materials. For additional logo details, consult with the Creative Services page containing logo information.*

*Typeset will open in your default browser.  You will need to right click on the image and select the "Save picture as" option.  Select a file name and location to save the image. *
Images logos
Travel Graduate Student Travel Award Application Form Graduate, Travel Award, Application
Safety USC Resources for Safety and Well-Being [pdf] Form Safety Reporting, Incidents, Victim Services,  Office of Equal Opportunity
Faculty ORCID instructions [pdf]

*Please note:  Using ORCID doesn't automatically update your account information.  You will need to use these instructions to update your account each time you want to add a publication or other information.*
Form ORCID, publications update, SCOPUS database
Printing Poster Printing Form [pdf] Form Gambrell, College of Arts and Sciences Print Jobs, Computing Center
Faculty Departmental Peer Review Form*Please email completed form to Rachel Cooper (

*For procedures regarding the review process, consult the Departmental Peer Review Guidelines [pdf]*
Form Teaching Performance Review, Faculty Instruction Evaluation
Departmental Departmental Logo [jpg]

*Please note: Logo is to be used for departmental promotional materials, such as clothing, book bags, etc.  For additional logo details, consult with the Creative Services page containing logo information.*

*Typeset will open in your default browser. You will need to right click on the image and select the "Save picture as" option. Select a file name and location to save the image. *
Image Chemistry Logo
Information Technology Website News/Change Request Form
*This form has a dual-purpose role. It is to be used for providing details for news articles on the website and to request changes to the website.*
Form News Feed, Articles, Website Content, Website Changes
Academics Teaching Assignments [pdf] Form GIA and Student assignments
Information Technology Multifactor Authentication (Duo) Instructions [pdf]


Form MFA, Security, Password
Academics EAB Advising Scheduling Platform - Tutorial [pdf] Policy Undergraduate, Advisor Scheduling Appointment
Faculty T&P Guidelines 2017 [pdf]
T&P Guidelines 2004 [pdf]
Policy T&P Criteria, Tenure, Promotion
Departmental Chemistry and Biochemistry Building Issue Reporting Form Form Facilities, Repairs, Maintenance, Custodial, Electrical
Travel Travel and Expense Training Resources Webpage Approver, Banking, Travel Expense Reports
Academics Dissertation Embargo Request Form [docx] Form dissertation, thesis, publishing, graduate students
Academics Z Status Insurance Form [pdf] Form graduate students, z status, insurance form
Academics Z-Status Enrollment Form for Graduate Students Form graduate students, z status, forms
Departmental Chemistry and Biochemistry Departmental Calendar Webpage Seminar, Divisional, Dissertations, Faculty, Committee Meetings
Academics Undergraduate Independent Study Contract Form Independent Study Contract, Undergrad, Undergraduate, advising
Travel Travel Expense Report Instructions

*Use by faculty only*
Policy Travel, expense, instructions
Academics 2021-2022 Tutor List Policy tutors, graduate students
Departmental Employee Personal Information Form Form  

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