Photo: College of Education at a Glance

College of Education at a Glance

The College of Education is committed to excellence through leadership, teacher education, research, diversity and outreach with the goal of positively impacting students, families and communities.

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  • Infographic: 1,228 Undergraduate Students, 780 Graduate Students
  • Infographic: Degrees Awarded: 192 Bachelor's, 296 Master's, 42 Doctorates, 17 Certificates, 57 Specialists
  • Infographic: 72 Faculty Members
  • Infographic: 16 Centers and Institutes
  • Infographic: $7 Million in Research Funding
  • Infographic: Programs: 4 Minors, 6 Bachelor's, 21 Master's, 10 Doctorates, 3 Specialists

Statistics are from the most recent available academic year.