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College of Nursing

Morgan Ashmore: An African Adventure


USC Nursing May 2013 graduate, Morgan Ashmore, is in Nakuru, Kenya working in a 24 hour, full lab clinic. The clinic is run by Kenya Partners, Inc. and treats a vast variety of illnesses including HIV/AIDS, parasites, skin diseases, and cancers. She conducting home visits in rural villages as well.

She is also spending some time in the local hospital and during the school week she is assisting with a deworming program they have implemented in three of the local schools, also run by Kenya Partners, Inc.

They recently put on a six day free medical camp at the clinic and were able to see over 3,000 patients and give out 1,000 free pairs of prescription glasses. Ashmore helped with PAP smears, pediatric patients, injections and IVs for asthmatics and diabetics, stitches, dressing changes, malaria and HIV testing, immunizations, and emergencies.

She says “I have fallen in love with this country...the people are so kind and happy! They are so thankful and really value people’s time and efforts. They don’t rush around to just get things done like I find myself doing every day, they take the time to greet everyone and make everyone feel at home and welcomed. They have the biggest hearts full of the richest love. I have learned more from them than I think I could ever do for them.”

Her trips runs June 16th through August 25th. When she returns, she will begin her job in the PICU at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Read more about her trip in her Blog here.

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