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Women's Health Month

What health barriers do women face in SC?

De Anna Cox, Clinical Associate Professor: Many women, especially those from lower socioecomonic classes, face more hurdles in receiving healthcare. Insurance issues may limit access to preventive care or additional diagnostic testing. Lack of insurance is a major problem for lower income women. Transportation issues, lack of knowledge, competing priorities and other factors can impact ability to access health care. The medically underserved women face more difficulty with accessing preventive and other health care needs for chronic problems. The lack of providers accepting certain insurances is another deterent to receiving care.  Many rural areas either lack OB/GYN services or are very limited. This affects access to care.

What does Women’s Health Month mean to you?

Pamela Lanier, Simulation Educator: When asked this question, I was taken back for a minute as I had not really thought about it.  As I began to reflect, it was clear to me the importance of recognizing women’s health and healthcare issues, not only as an individual, but the impact that women’s healthcare issues have on families, communities, and populations.

As a nurse, these issues are important to me.  Women are traditionally caregivers within the family. Women tend to take care of everyone else before themselves.  Women’s Health Month is a good reminder to the importance of addressing healthcare issues among women.  It is important to empower women to take care of themselves including their physical health and mental well-being. 

For me, this is a reminder to not only approach my own health and well-being holistically, but also to educate those around me of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I believe it is important to not only educate women on healthy practices but also on preventive care and available resources within their community.

What steps do you take to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Erica Neet, Administrative Assistant: I try to approach most things in terms of moderation.  Creating that sense of balance makes it easier when choosing the right foods to eat and what activities are healthy and beneficial.  Going for a daily walk, working in my garden and the occasional bike ride help to keep me physically active.  Having three dogs helps too!  I also really enjoy crocheting.  Although it can be somewhat of a sedentary activity, it helps to keep my mind active and studies have proven it’s a stress relieving hobby. 

 I love spending time with my family! They are a great source of encouragement and inspiration, constantly reminding me to be thankful and grateful for all the good, bad and ugly that life brings our way.  Faith, prayer and family sustains me.

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