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College of Nursing

Passion for Service and People

Cassie Sutton currently serves as Teen Miss SC and is a freshman nursing student. Her passion for service and people can be seen in her volunteer work across the state and in her excitement for nursing. 

Why did you choose UofSC Nursing?

UofSC nursing was an easy choice because it is one of the best schools for nursing. I grew up a Carolina fan and always dreamed of going to this school. 

Why do you want to be a nurse?

I have always known that whatever field I work in, I would want to help and serve others. I took a Health Science class during my sophomore year of high school, and that introduced the idea of nursing to me. It did not take me long before I was in love with the opportunity to become a nurse. It is the perfect career for someone who has a passion for service and people.

What is your role as Teen Miss SC?

As Teen Miss South Carolina, my main goal is to serve others. The Little Miss and Teen Miss South Carolina organization is focused around and promotes community service, which is something I am very passionate about. It is actually another reason I decided to go into nursing; I just want to serve my community. I was crowned in July after a week of competition including interview, preliminary beauty, talent, and the final competition. I now travel the state to the preliminary pageants for my organization where I have the opportunity to emcee, judge, and crown. I also participate in many service organizations and platforms. Over the last year, I have accumulated over 200 hours of community service.

How will this title benefit you in your future nursing practice?

With this title, I have traveled all over the state and met people from all different backgrounds. It has allowed me to truly appreciate the differences every person has. It has only been a few months, so I still have the honor of meeting many more South Carolinians, but the exposure to our state has allowed me to see the beauty in each individual’s differences. This will be very helpful in nursing because I’ll have many more opportunities to meet even more people that all have different backgrounds and stories to tell.

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