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A Family Affair: Mother & Daughter Nursing Duo

As a child, Dakota Bruccoli watched in admiration of her mother's natural ability to care for others and her passion for nursing. When it came time to choose a major as a UofSC freshman this past spring, Dakota was eager to share with her mother she wanted to be a nurse. Angela and Dakota chat about their family affair with nursing! 

Angela Bruccoli, 1994 nursing alumna & current Alumni Council Board member

What did it feel like when Dakota shared with you she wanted to major in nursing? 

I was humbled that she wanted to follow in my footsteps. Dakota has always had a way about her that draws people to her. She is always there to care for her friends and others - a natural tendency of nurses. 

How have you modeled the characteristics of a nurse to Dakota? 

I served as team/class mom for about everything she was involved in growing up. If there were needs for a nurse on a field trip, Dakota volunteered me. Nurses are caregivers, healers, listeners, and advocates. I've tried to live my life everyday with these attributes, whether in the store and helping someone in need or volunteering at an event as the first aid provider.

Do you have a memory that stands out from nursing school? 

I remember the commitment UofSC faculty had in helping us be successful in our education. The most memorable experience was a shadow day in the emergency department. After the experience, I told myself I would work there one day. And three years after graduation I did - for 17 years. I knew I was in the right place to serve our community.

Dakota Bruccoli, nursing freshman

Why did you choose to pursue nursing?

I chose nursing because growing up, and still to this day, my mom is my biggest hero. It’s always been fascinating to watch the way she helps people through her caring touch and gentle words. Being exposed to this, especially from a young age, only made me want to make a difference in others' lives and heal people like she does even more. 

What is something your mom has instilled in you that you believe will make you a successful nurse?

My mom instilled in me that hard work and dedication is one of the biggest things in the nursing field, and with both of those things, you can be very successful. There will be days when things are difficult, but as long as I keep my head straight and never give up, I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

What has been your favorite experience of nursing school during your freshman year?

My favorite experience in nursing school so far has been the opportunity to see everyone else that has this amazing passion and learning more about myself through this field. The opportunity to go through the same steps my mom went through to get where she is today is so amazing and I’m really grateful to be able to experience it. 

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