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College of Nursing

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Tradition of Nursing

The calling and tradition of nursing is often passed down among families. Our "Tradition of Nursing" series spotlights nurse relatives who have earned their degree from USC College of Nursing. 

Before Ann Alexander retired after 43 years as a nurse, she and Beth Ann Bremer were coworkers at Lexington Pediatric Practice. Outside of their passion for helping others, the two shared a bond as mother and daughter. Ann worked in pediatrics most of her career as an APRN and is now enjoying retirement. Beth Ann is a little over a decade into her nursing career and works as an NP in a family clinic. 

A warm welcome to nursing

Beth Ann: I specifically remember the day I decided to change my major from Mathematics to Nursing. I nervously called mom to tell her my decision to change majors. I was warmly greeted with excitement, and I knew then this was the right decision. 

Peer connection

Ann: The best part about my daughter and I being nurses is that we are both APRNs! We instantly have a peer to discuss health care issues with and share our thoughts and knowledge. And as we have discovered, every family needs a nurse!

Beth Ann: Throughout the years, we will call each other to bounce ideas off one another. We even enjoy attending continuing education conferences together!

The reward

Ann: I believe that children of nurses see in the parent the rewards of helping, caring for, and comforting others. I chose nursing because of observing and admiring my mom's sister, a public health nurse. 

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