Talking with college students about alcohol

The Office of Parent & Family Programs has partnered with South Carolina's Substance Abuse Prevention and Education team to provide an in-depth guide to talking with your student about alcohol use during their time in college. Highlights of this guide include:

  • Tips for starting the initial conversation with your student
  • How alcohol works in the body, including reactions to medicine
  • Why students choose (and don't choose) to drink in college
  • Answering the "Did you drink when you were a student?" question

Backed by comprehensive research, this conversation guide is available to download for University of South Carolina parents and family members. Use code "UofSCfamily" as the username and password when logging in to access the guide.

If you feel concerned at any point during your student's time at South Carolina about alcohol or drug abuse, you can refer them to receive assistance through the STIR coaching program as part of Substance Abuse Prevention and Education's many initiatives to assist students in making good and healthy choices during college.

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