Update your wi-fi login information

Some members of the campus community may need to update their login information for the Columbia campus wi-fi network “eduroam.” The Division of Information Technology recommends university students, faculty and staff follow these steps in maintain their internet connection.  

To connect to eduroam, you must ensure your network username login ends in the suffix “@ds.sc.edu” For example: name@ds.sc.edu. This may require you to change your device settings for accessing the network and re-enter the appropriate username ending in @ds.sc.edu.

Follow this three-step process to re-establish connectivity:

  1. “Forget” your current eduroam username setting. Step-by-step instructions are included here:
  2. Restart your computer or device.
  3. Login into eduroam wireless network with the appropriate username ending in @ds.sc.edu. 

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact the DoIT service desk at 803-777-1800.