Winter break meal plan and dining updates

For students staying on campus during winter break, remember to stock your fridge before things start to close down after exams.

Meal plans will be deactivated Dec. 17 so stock up in advance from Gamecock General convenience store locations and Market 101. There will be:

  • Cereal, Pop-Tarts and breakfast bars
  • Yogurt, cheese, hummus, fruit cups and other snacks
  • Microwaveable meals
  • Soups, sandwich materials, mac and cheese, and more

Meal plan dollars and CarolinaCash are accepted.

Gamecock Generals are located at Russell House, Campus Village, The Community Table, Park Place and the Science and Technology Building. Market 101 is located in McBryde A.

Full operating hours for finals week, winter break and spring opening hours can be found on the dining website.