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Campus Conversation: Jenna Wilson

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"I got involved with the Carolina Closet in February of this year. As a senior, I wanted to find something I could get involved with that gave back to the people at this university. One of my great friends, Maia Porzio, got elected as student body president and wanted me to get involved. After looking through all the positions, the Carolina Closet seemed like the perfect place to give back to USC. It has been that and much more.

My favorite part about working at the Carolina Closet has been seeing the great response from people who use the resource. It is extremely fulfilling to see work that you are doing actually help people. Not to mention, getting to train and work with volunteers has also helped me meet more people at USC.

I have learned you can accomplish a lot of work when you just show up and do what you say you are going to do. People will respect your effort when you are reliable. Also, in meetings where I have been the only student surrounded by all faculty and staff, I have gained confidence in advocating for myself and my work."

— Jenna Wilson, senior education major