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Campus Conversation: Lauren Puttock

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"The purpose of the Art Therapy Club is to foster an environment where students can destress through the use of art. In the spring of 2022, I looked up 'art' on Garnet Gate and saw the Art Therapy Club listed. It had just been created by a group of seniors as a way to have an art club on campus, and I sent them a message that I would like to join. After that semester ended, they graduated and there were no plans in place to continue the club. I, and a few other students, thought that the club deserved a space on campus so I contacted the university and became the new president in Fall 2022. 

Originally, I was worried that there weren’t many people at USC who were passionate about a club like this. I’ve been happily proven wrong. Most of the people who join our club learn about it the same way I did, by seeking it out. Our members typically join after looking us up on Garnet Gate and messaging us, which makes me feel confident that we have created a space that many students want. I’m grateful that we are able to provide an environment that might bring joy to others in a way that is both artistic and creative."

- Lauren Puttock, sophomore psychology major