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Two freshmen pushing carts with their belongings into their new campus home.

Move-in by the numbers

Some stats, figures about freshman class, resources they need

As a record-breaking first-year class settles into the University of South Carolina this week, here are some numbers about our incoming students that help give a picture of the activities they take part in, how they’ll impact campus life and the resources it takes to support them. 

Incoming students

7,344 — estimated number of freshmen entering USC Columbia this fall 

3,928 — estimated number of freshmen who are residents of South Carolina, 53 percent of the class

46 — estimated number of counties in South Carolina represented by this fall’s freshman class

51 — estimated sets of twins in freshman class

44 — estimated number of states represented by this fall’s freshman class

85 — estimated number of student-athletes in the freshman class

475 — expected number of new international students, representing 50 countries

$490 million — approximate amount of financial aid dollars received by USC students in 2022-23 

Moving in

10,113 — projected number of students who will live this year in university housing (including Park Place and some placements in the Greek Village and 650 Lincoln) 

2,817 — number of undergraduates participating in seven learning communities and four residential learning programs within residence halls 

417 — number of faculty, staff and current students serving as a part of the volunteer Move-in Crew to welcome and move in new students 

26.32 — tons of cardboard recycled during Move-in 2023 (as of Aug. 22).

136,800 — packages delivered to resident students during the 2022-23 academic year, with 14,401 delivered through the August 2022 move-in period 

Feeding the crowds

Over 800 — associates (including 340 students) and 14 campus chefs with Carolina Food Co. serving the university community at six dining halls and 28 retail locations across campus 

1.6 million — Orders on GrubHub over the 2022-23 academic year

436 — pounds of waste and 4,237 compostable containers saved with the March 2023 launch of the Reuse Pass Resuable To Go Container Inventory program 

Keeping students healthy

15,355 — number of patients/clients who had health or wellness visits with Student Health Services in 2022-23 

97,604 — number of patient/client visits to Student Health Services in 2022-23

3,935 — number of flu shots administered by Student Health Services in 2022-23

15,492 — number of prescriptions filled at the pharmacy in 2022-23

Sports and student life

560 — number of registered student organizations

73,174 — student tickets scanned for the seven home football games

154,979 — student tickets distributed for football, baseball, and men’s and women’s basketball in the 2022-23 academic year

47,092 — number of commencement guest tickets distributed for the 2022-23 academic year 

2.2 million — total traffic in the Russell House University Union in 2022-23

761,431 — total traffic in the Thomas Cooper Library in 2022-23

Students serving

2,556 – volunteer hours of service that 773 students served in the Gamecock CommUnity Shop, serving 2,427 visits from Gamecocks during the 2022-23 academic year, an economic impact of $76,552.  

171,804 — volunteer service hours completed by fraternity and sorority members in the community during the 2022-23 academic year 

$1.19 million — dollars raised by fraternity and sorority members for chapter-based philanthropy efforts during the 2022-23 academic year

Parents and families

7,882 — number of parents, family members and USC students who participated in Family Weekend 2022; Family Weekend 2023 is set for Sept. 22-23, with 5,873 wristbands sold already

60,727 — parents and family members registered with the Gamecock Family Hub

Recreational sports

2,996 — intramural games played during the 2022-23 season, with 6,860 participants

565,548 — total traffic in the Wellness and Fitness Center in 2022-23

6,528 — number of engagements in Outdoor Recreation activities (climbing wall, adventure trips, ORec Hub) during 2022-23

Achieving student success

8,500 — Number of free student planners available for current students

331 — students serving as peer leaders providing peer-to-peer support in 2022-23

8,030 — visits to peer tutoring in 2022-23

33,125 — number of supplemental instruction visits in 2022-23

30,024 — calls made to current students from the Student Success Center Call Center in 2022-23