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building with large white columns surrounded by fall foliage

Origin of USC fall break

If you've got big plans for your Fall Break this week, you can thank alumnus Jim Franklin, the third African American student body president at USC, who says the mid-semester break was the “one wish” of his administration after he was elected in 1988. 

Why it matters: The year prior to his presidency, 87% of the student body expressed that they were in favor of adding a break to the academic calendar. 

What worked: Over the course of his tenure as student body president, Franklin worked with a dedicated team of student leaders to convince administrators to add a Fall Break.

  • Franklin also led Students for a Better Carolina, the first ever student-run lobbying organization for more funding for USC at the State House.

What they’re saying: “Over 30 years have passed since that time, and I would like to think that our presence as student leaders genuinely made a difference. While we accomplished many of our goals during that year, nothing was more immediately impactful to our student leadership group and the student body than accomplishing, with a little “good luck” and some great advice, USC’s first Fall Break.” – Jim Franklin (Honors College; 1989 B.A., political science; 1992 law)