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College of Information and Communications

Information Science

If you live to make connections, to analyze data and systems, to help people and companies communicate clearly, check out one of USC's newest degrees. This major focuses on ways to connect people to the information they need. Our students are trailblazers in the digital world, seeing new possibilities all the time.


As a graduate, you'll be stepping into an exploding field of ever-changing possibilities. Some careers include intelligence consultant (some might call that a spy), network administrator, systems analyst, web developer, database administrator — just about anything that uses and analyzes information. We have graduates at universities, large public companies and prestigious libraries. And that's just the beginning. Here are some more career ideas for you.


Want to help analyze information for cancer researchers? Crunch numbers to help people retire? Create systems to keep networks working smoothly? Our students did this and more on recent internships, and companies are lining up to see who's next. And these are just some of the many opportunities for our students.


As an information science major, you'll get a lot of say into what kinds of classes you take. You can combine the basics with other areas of study, creating the program of your dreams. Want to be an investigative reporter? Combine this with journalism. Interested in launching the next Candy Crush? You can tailor a program that includes computer science. Here, you'll learn how to gather, organize, preserve and provide access to information. You'll also study how people and organizations communicate and use information for making decisions and solving problems. Learn more about the courses you will take as an information science student in the university's academic bulletin.


You’ll study under passionate leaders like Dr. Elise Lewis, whose love of technology and helping others embrace it shines through with enthusiasm. And Dr. Dick Kawooya, whose research helps organizations effectively communicate AIDS/HIV information in Africa. His work also helps traditional Ugandan musicians retain rights to their music.

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