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College of Information and Communications

Distributed Learning

Technology Requirements

All students are required to have daily access, preferably at home, to the Internet and to a computer which can be used at any time and controlled and configured as required for assignments, access to resources, and communication.

Internet connectivity through work or other computers that are not under the student's personal control frequently present problems. Firewalls, software download policies and other security precautions can make access to required software (e.g., the University's course management system Blackboard, Adobe Connect), access to library and other online resources, software downloads, and communication required for course participation, impossible. This is often the case in school settings.

The following information is subject to review and change without notice.

Computer Requirements

  • A Windows-based computer is recommended. Core courses can be completed using either a Windows-based or Apple computer. Some electives may require the use of a Windows-based computer for specific assignments and projects. When an elective requires the use of a Windows-based computer, it will be made clear in advance through the syllabus. Recommended configuration: for computer to be used during the program: 4 GB RAM for Windows 7.0; 2 GB RAM Windows XP, and at least 80 GB hard drive.


  • Apple Computer. Recommended configuration: at least 2GB RAM (4GB preferred) and System10 or higher operating system. 

Additional Hardware Requirements

Access to a scanner Access to a DVD player Access to microphone and webcam  Some elective courses may require access to additional specific hardware.

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010: MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel PC
  • Web Browsers: Adobe Acrobat reader 8.0 or higher
  • PC - Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, SeaMonkey, Firefox, Chrome
  • MAC - Safari, SeaMonkey, Firefox, Chrome
  • Flash Player Plugin (download) (Get the most current.)  
  • Other software may be required by certain elective courses and be included in course syllabi.
  • Probably the most economical way to purchase MS Office software is through VIP at  Login to VIP and follow these steps: Technology – Software Distribution – Software for Home – Microsoft Personal Purchase Program. Online discounts for software are available at many internet sites.

Internet And Email Requirements

  • Daily access to an Internet Email account and the World Wide Web, preferably through a high-speed connection.
  • Broad Band access may be necessary for viewing and or participating in some classes. Check your syllabus. 
  • Students are responsible for configuring their email programs for the proper submission of assignments and class communication.
  • Email -