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College of Information and Communications

Journalism and Mass Communications

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications is to improve and strengthen the societal roles of the professions of journalism and mass communications by:

  • providing undergraduate instruction within a liberal arts context that leads to a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications and prepares students for an increasingly multinational and multicultural multimedia work environment.
  • providing graduate instruction, leading to the master's and Ph.D. degrees, that prepares students for leadership, management and research roles in the journalism and mass communications professions and in the professorate.
  • educating students, both majors and those in disciplines outside the School, about the roles, functions and responsibilities of the mass media and of mass communications industries.
  • adding to the body of knowledge for the professions, policy makers and for the general public through research, scholarship and creative professional activity.
  • providing service to journalism education at the middle and high school levels in South Carolina and the Southeast, and to journalism and mass communications professions in South Carolina and at the regional, national and international levels through such activities as workshops and constructive commentary on current media, advertising and public relations practices.
  • The School of Journalism and Mass Communications supports the missions of the College of Mass Communications and Information Studies and the University of South Carolina.

Revised by authorization of the faculty of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications on April 10, 2009.