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College of Information and Communications

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Tuition and Fees

SLIS Student Tuition and Fees* (2017-2018)

Campus and Tuition Type Hourly Rate
Undergraduate Tuition  
     Resident  $494.25
     Non-resident $1331.75
     Residents taking 12-17 hours - $5,931  
     Non-residents taking 12-17 hours -$15,981  
Students that take SLIS 201, 202, 220, 301, 310, 315, 325, 402, 410, 420, 429, 430, 435, 440, 480, 501, 523, 525, 527, 530, or 600 will be charged an additional $50 course fee.  
Graduate Tuition  
     Resident (a SC resident living in SC while enrolled) $552.25
     Cohort Rate (online, out of state students) $672.25
     Non-resident (a non-SC resident living in SC while enrolled) $1,182
     South Carolina Certified Teacher Rate $496.50
     Non-SC Certified Teacher Rate** $590.75
 Additional Fees  
    SLIS Enhancement Fee  (one-time charge for Graduate students) - $800  
     USC Matriculation Fee  (one-time charge) - $80  
     International Student Enrollment Fee (one-time charge) - $750  
     USC Technology Fee $17


* Tuition and fees are subject to change; for more information and for rates regarding enrollment in 12 or more hours, see

** The Non-SC Certified teacher rate is for teachers who hold a valid teaching certificate in a state other than South Carolina and who have a teaching contract and teach in a South Carolina public school. 

You may be charged a student health fee.  Students taking 6 or more hours on campus will be charged a fee.  For more information, visit the Student Health Services website at  If you are a Distributed Learning student and have questions about the student health fee, contact the Distributed Learning office at

All graduate students enrolled in nine or more hours, graduate assistants, and international students are required by The University to have health insurance and must either purchase the student health insurance plan offered by Pearce & Pearce or waive out by providing documentation of enrollment in comparable health insurance.  See for more information.