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All classes are cancelled through Friday, October 9. Campus reopens for faculty, staff Wednesday, Oct. 7. See for updates.

College of Information and Communications

Faculty and Staff Directory

This directory contains links to contact information for full-time faculty and staff of the College of Information and Communications.  Use the box below to do a quick search for a specific individual, program of study (information science, advertising, public relations, mass communications, journalism, broadcast, visual communications) or school: SLIS (School of Library and Information Science); SJMC (School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords
Faculty Albright, Kendra S., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-0090 SLIS
Faculty Alvarado, Glenda, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3427 SJMC,advertising
Faculty Arns, Jennifer Weil, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2319 SLIS,library
Faculty Bender, Jay, J.D. Reid H. Montgomery Freedom of Information Chair 803-777-3320 sjmc,law,journalism
Faculty Bierbauer, Charles Dean Professor 803-777-4105 dean, cic, journalism, magnificent, College of Information and Communications (CIC), mci
Faculty Billinsky, Christyn G. Senior Instructor 803-777-3858 slis
Faculty Bowen, Shannon A., Ph.D. Professor 803-777-3764 sjmc, public relations
Staff Bullard, Katie Assistant Director of Development 803-777-7118 cic,development,alumni
Faculty Campbell, Kenneth, Ph.D. Mass Communications Sequence Head Associate Professor 803-777-3316 sjmc,mass communications
Faculty Carter, Shirley Staples, Ph.D. Professor 803-777-3324 sjmc,public relations
Staff Chappell-Fail, Jill Senior Information Resource Consultant 803-777-1928 cic,IT staff
Staff Collins, Erik, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus 803-777-3310 sjmc,law,journalism
Faculty Copeland, Clayton A., Ph.D. Instructor 803-777-3858 slis,library
Faculty Covington, Randy David Newsplex Director Faculty 803-777-5998 sjmc,newsplex,journalism
Staff D'Autel, Jens Pierre Eugene Network Administrator 803-777-2750 sjmc,IT staff,
Staff Dennis, Leslie Director of Scholastic Media Organizations 803-777-6284 sjmc,scholastic organizations,sipa,scspa,cji
Staff Dominick, Beverly W. Career Services Director 803-777-3347 sjmc,student services,internship coordinator
Faculty Drewniany, Bonnie Advertising Sequence Head Professor 803-777-6093 sjmc,advertising
Staff Farlowe, Art Undergraduate Student Services Director 803-777-8528 sjmc, student services
Faculty Farrand, Scott Senior Instructor 803-777-6422 sjmc,visual communications, viscom
Faculty Feehan, Patricia E., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2381 slis,
Staff Fellers, Helen B. Coordinator for the South Carolina Center for Children's Books and Literacy The Reading Rooster 803-777-1730 slis,reading rooster,scccbl
Faculty Fisher, Doug Senior Instructor 803-777-3315 sjmc,journalism
Faculty Freeburg, Darin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-0446 slis
Staff Friedman, Rebekah Development Coordinator 803-777-6791
Faculty Gavigan, Karen W., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-1676 slis,school library
Faculty Grant, August (Augie) E., Ph.D. J. Rion McKissick Professor of Journalism 803-777-4464 sjmc,journalism
Staff Hall, Patty A. Webmaster 803-777-6931 cic
Staff Hansford, Rachel Nichole Administrative Coordinator 803-777-3244 sjmc
Faculty Hastings, Samantha Kelly, Ph.D. Director, School of Library and Information Science Associate Dean, College of Information and Communications 803-777-3858 slis
Faculty Holmes, Cecile S. Journalism Sequence Head Associate Professor 803-777-5913 sjmc,journalism
Staff Huebner, Chris Academic Advisor 803-777-7048 sjmc,student services
Staff Hughes, Sandra M. Graduate Student Services Director 803-777-5166 sjmc
Faculty Hull, Kevin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-4746 journalism, broadcast, sjmc
Faculty Jang, S. Mo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3321 sjmc,journalism
Staff Jeffcoat, Kim Shealy Executive Director, South Carolina Center for Children's Books & Literacy Senior Editor, Young Palmetto Books 803-777-2744 slis,scccbl
Staff Justice, Cindy Assistant Dean for Student Services 803-777-7066 student services
Faculty Karami, Amir Assistant Professor 803-777-0197
Faculty Kawooya, Dick, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-4949 slis,bsis,information science
Staff Keeling, Sarah, Ph.D. Student Services Manager Adjunct Faculty 803-777-0270 SLIS
Faculty Kenney, Keith R., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-3302 sjmc,visual communications,viscom
Faculty Kim, Sei-Hill, Ph.D. Public Relations Sequence Head Professor 803-777-7037 sjmc,public relations
Faculty Klipstine, Thomas R., Ph.D. Interim Master of Mass Communication Coordinator Associate Professor 803-777-5238 sjmc,public relations
Faculty Konkle, Bruce Edward, Ed.D. Associate Professor 803-777-3312 sjmc,viscom,visual communications
Faculty Kornegay, Van Visual Communications Sequence Head Associate Professor 803-777-6147 sjmc,viscom,visual communications
Staff Leigh, Brytnee Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance 803-777-5066 cic
Faculty Lewis, Elise C., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-4688 slis
Faculty Li, Zongchao (Cathy), Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-2307
Faculty Liu, Jingjing, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-1136 slis
Faculty Mallia, Karen L. Associate Professor CreateAthon@USC Coordinator 803-777-1154 sjmc,advertising
Faculty Marshall, Jennifer A., Ph.D. Instructor 803-777-2298 slis
Faculty Martin, Michelle H., Ph.D. Professor Augusta Baker Chair in Childhood Literacy 803-777-1215 slis
Staff Masters, Theresa Academic Advisor 803-777-2818 sjmc, student services
Faculty Maye, Carmen, Ph.D. Senior Instructor 803-777-3301 sjmc,law,advertising
Faculty McGill, Denise Ann Associate Professor 803-777-8707 sjmc,viscom, visual communications
Faculty McKeever, Brooke Weberling, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-2050 sjmc,public relations
Faculty McKeever, Robert, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-1155 sjmc,public relations
Staff Mitchell, Frank Broadcast/Engineer Maintenance Technician 803-777-8410 sjmc
Faculty Moorefield-Lang, Heather M., Ed.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-0224 slis,school library
Staff Moorer, Terri S. Newsplex Program Coordinator Grant Administrator 803-777-4663 sjmc
Faculty Mortensen, Tara Marie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3762 sjmc,viscom, visual communications
Faculty Moscowitz, Leigh, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-4417 sjmc, public relations
Faculty Nachlinger, Harvie Edmund Senior Instructor 803-777-9313 sjmc,broadcast journalism
Faculty Pardun, Carol J., Ph.D. Professor 803-777-9572 sjmc,advertising
Faculty Peterson, Rick Senior Instructor 803-777-5203 sjmc,broadcast journalism
Staff Price, Lenora (Nonie) Continuing Education/Alumni Coordinator 803-777-0513 slis
Staff Quackenbush, Elizabeth Senior Director of Development 803-777-6898 cic
Faculty Ranta, Jeffrey (Jeff) A. Instructor Faculty Advisor, The Carolina Agency 803-777-4614 sjmc,public relations
Faculty Rathbun-Grubb, Susan R., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-0485 slis
Staff Reeder, Tilda Graduate Admissions Coordinator 803-777-5067 slis,student services
Faculty Romney, Miles Instructor 803-777-0206 sjmc, journalism
Staff Salter, Jeff Information Resource Consultant II 803-777-3185 slis
Staff Shaw, George, Jr. Student Services Coordinator 803-777-3887 slis,student services
Staff Shelek, Christine Program Coordinator, Cocky's Reading Express 803-777-1339 slis,scccbl
Faculty Sisk, Lisabeth (Lisa) D. Senior Instructor 803-777-8605 sjmc,public relations
Faculty Smith, Laura K., Ph.D. Hearst Visiting Professor of Journalism 803-777-5232 broadcast, sjmc
Faculty Solomon, Gerry Instructor Coordinator of School Library Field Experiences 803-777-5512 slis,school library
Faculty Solomon, Paul, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-5512 slis
Staff Stoehr, Madonna L. Program Coordinator for Distributed Learning 803-777-8068 slis
Faculty Tanner, Andrea, Ph.D. Interim Director, School of Journalism and Mass Communications Interim Associate Director of Graduate Studies 803-777-4979 sjmc,broadcast journalism
Staff Tatge, Mark Baldwin Fellow 312-550-5122 sjmc
Staff Thomas, Andy Undergraduate Adviser 803-777-4028 slis,student services,bsis,information science
Faculty Tu-Keefner, Feili, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-1026 slis
Staff Twohey, Nancy Kim Assistant to the Dean Administrative Coordinator 803-777-4105 cic
Staff Wallace, Debi Student Services Administrative Assistant 803-777-8528 sjmc,student services
Faculty Wei, Ran, Ph.D. Gonzales Brothers Professor of Journalism Editor-in-Chief, Mass Communication & Society 803-777-5762 sjmc,public relations
Faculty Weintraub, David Instructor 803-777-3314 sjmc,viscom,visual communications
Faculty Weir, Gordon "Tom", Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-4979 sjmc,advertising
Faculty Wiggins, Ernest L. Associate Professor 803-777-3325 sjmc,journalism
Staff Williams, Robert V., Ph.D. Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-2324 slis
Staff Wright, Angela Assistant to the Director 803-777-3858 slis
Staff Zeigler, Lewis Information Resources Consultant 803-777-6496 cic,