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Continuing Education Programs

    Adventures in Creating the U.S. Constitution

    This history class will explore the creation of the United States government through a roleplaying game that simulates the 1787 Constitutional Convention. After exploring the historical context surrounding the convention, each student will take on the role of one of the "founding fathers" and compete to create a constitution that best matches their historical figure's ideals. By the end of the class, students will have a deep understanding of the major controversies and compromises at the Constitutional Convention as well as the personal lives and personalities of influential historical figures. In the camp, history truly "comes to life" through interactive gameplay that places students in the middle of one of the most crucial moments of United States history. 


    Program Dates

    • June 16-21, 2024
    • Rising 6-9 grade students

    Program Fees

    Choose from:

    • Commuting Scholar - $665
    • Commuting Scholar Plus Evening - $750
    • Residential Scholar - $1150


    Meet Your Instructors


    Madeline Steiner

    Madeline Steiner is a Postdoctoral Fellow working with the university’s Founding Documents initiative. Her research focuses on the history of capitalism and popular culture in the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Her book project, The Robber Barons of Show Business: Traveling Amusements and the Development of the American Entertainment Industry, 1870-1920, explores how traveling amusements such as circuses and minstrel shows built the foundations of today’s multi-billion dollar commercial entertainment industry. She received her Ph.D. in history from the University of South Carolina, and BAs in history and musical theatre performance from American University.

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