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Past Recipients

Flipped Classroom Development Grant

The Center for Teaching Excellence, with support from the Office of the Provost, has awarded grants to support faculty in the development of exemplary flipped courses that employ innovative pedagogy with related online tools and learning technologies. Grants of up to $5,000 were awarded for single courses and up to $7,500 for large multi-section courses or a sequence of at least two courses.

Award Recipients Fall 2014

Elizabeth Breitbach

(Economics - ECON 224)

Realizing the need to make classes personal, Professor Breitbach designed a version of Introduction to Economics that can meet students at their level of learning, despite the large course size. Common issues with videos, according to students, is that they are too long, boring, and lacking in feedback. She helps to alleviate these problems by making shorter videos (no more than 15 minutes) that go beyond simply showing her speaking by adding graphics and animations. Additionally, the videos will feature a "quick quiz question" during and at the end of each video, and this will provide the student with immediate feedback. With this flipped version, students will be able to access the lectures at their own pace. Final Report

Elizabeth Breitbach Flipped Classroom Development Grant RecipientBreitbach

Daniel Jenkins 

(Music - MUSC 115, 116)

A considerable amount of content is expected to be covered in the two semesters for Music Theory I and II. For lack of time, students are not given enough practical experience applying the theory to musical performances and other activities. By creating video lectures, designing JiTT quizzes, developing SmartMusic exercises, and writing lesson plans for GAs, Professor Jenkins is confident that class time can be freed up to allow for in-class musical performance, which gives students more experience and direct feedback. With this enhanced version of the course, students will be able to reach the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy.  Final Report

Daniel Jenkins Flipped Classroom Development Grant RecipientJenkins

Melinda (Lyndie) Forthofer, Linda Hazlett and Jan Eberth
(Epidemiology - EPID 410)

Over the past five years, the enrollment in EPID 410 has significantly increased as the two majors to which it caters—Public Health and Exercise Science—have also grown rapidly. To meet this practical demand, this team of professors is reassessing how to teach this course in an adaptive way, one that allows for continued growth. The core goals of their project are: to develop flipped content for course topics that are best taught with problem solving and case studies; and to create interactive online lessons that support independent student learning. With this new format, they hope that the course will better facilitate active learning and allow for more reinforcement and synthesis of concepts in class sessions.   Final Report

Melinda (Lyndie) Forthofer
ForthoferLinda Hazlett Flipped Classroom Development Grant Recipient
HazlettJan Marie Eberth Flipped Classroom Development Grant RecipientEberth

Alan White, Bert Ely, Shannon Davis and Milan Dhameja 
(Biology - BIOL 101, 102)

The two-semester course, Biological Principles I and II, is a very large, multi-section course taught each fall and spring semester. The Biology Department wants to explore ways in which a flipped version could help improve this course. Being aware that not all aspects of the course are amenable to being flipped, they will collaborate on this investigation to discover which parts will work. This will also help them to make the two aspects—lecture and laboratory—connect in a more seamless integration. From its inception, this project encourages these professors to work as a team, and they plan to make it continue to evolve as a community-based project and resource for future instructors.

Alan White Flipped Classroom Development Grant Recipient
WhiteBert Ely Flipped Classroom Development Grant RecipientElyShannon DavisDavis

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