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Center for Teaching Excellence

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Past Grant Award Recipients

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2023 - 2024

Rochelle Altman and Camryn Garrett, Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior

Title/Purpose:  Integrating Intersectionality Frameworks into the Classroom: A Toolkit for Instructors
Deliverables:   (in partnership with ODEI/OAO) Resources, assessments, rubrics, guidance on intersectionality frameworks to be included in the CTE DEI Toolkit

Michelle Harris, Geography

Course:  GEOG 105 – The Digital Earth
Title:  Using StoryMap to build experiential learning, inclusivity, and exploration of identity into a course project
Deliverables:  Modules for StoryMap development and skill building, rubric

Sewon Oh, Psychology

Course:  PSYC 221 – Research Methods in Psychology
Title:  Using Topic-a-Day Digest, Triple Shuffle, and Tiny Chat techniques to promote daily writing habits, student engagement and peer interaction
Deliverables:  Model assessments available for any scientific writing training course

Sowmya Raghu, Mechanical Engineering

Course:  ENCP 101 – Introduction to Engineering
Title:  Incorporating experiential learning Makerspace modules into an introductory engineering course
Deliverables:  Makerspace modules with lesson plan, instructional videos, training handouts, assessments, and other resources adaptable across engineering courses.

Terrence Sheppard, Integrated Information Technology

Course:  ITEC 560 – Project Management Methods
Title/Purpose:  Course redesign with new textbook mapping to ABET outcomes requirements, incorporating active learning design and simulation tools
Deliverables:  Model of course redesign and activities transferable to other engineering courses

2022 - 2023

Olivia Darr, Health Services Policy & Management / Social Work

Course:  HSPM 412 – Health Economics
Title:  Incorporating PeerWise into Course Assignments 
Deliverables:  PeerWise user guide, assignment guidelines with example questions, assessment rubric

Shea Ferguson, Educational Psychology & Research

Course:  EDRM 423 – Introduction to Classroom Assessment
Title/Purpose: Course revision and realignment of required pre-service teacher course
Deliverables:  Creation of a CTE workshop on “Developing Final Projects in alignment with your course goals”

Camryn Garrett and Rochelle Altman, Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior

Title/Purpose:  Development of Mandatory Reporting Requirement Trainings for Graduate Teaching Assistants
Deliverables:  Set of guiding documents, recorded webinars, training sessions as approved by the Office of DEI and Title IX

Chichi Tsai, Languages, Literatures and Cultures / Chinese

Course:  CHIN 322 – Advanced Intermediate Chinese
Title:  Developing a package of listening-focused online modules to improve students’ Chinese listening skills
Deliverables:  Blackboard created structure of online modules/package, user guidelines for assignment management, transferable to other Chinese courses

2020 - 2021

Elizabeth Churchya, Piano Performance, School of Music

Course:  MUSC 113 – Introduction to Film Music
Title/Purpose:  Course delivery change from in-person to asynchronous online
Deliverables:  Course format/structure, sequence, assignments and assessments reusable for both in-person and online future course sections

Lesley Joseph, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Course:  ECIV 307 – Professional Development for Civil/Environmental Engineers
Title/Purpose:  New course development
Deliverables:  New course on career development for civil engineering, applicable to other engineering fields

Annie Klyce, Geological Sciences

Course:  GEOL 101 – Introduction to the Earth
Title:  Development of online training modules for improving student spatial skills
Deliverables:  Modules, assessments implementable into other courses that involve spatial reasoning

Nik Lampe, Sociology / Women’s and Gender Studies

Course:  WGST 300/SOCY 301 – Sex and Gender
Title:  Increasing student engagement and content retention using TikTok
Deliverables:  Step-by-step resource guide for instructors to incorporate use of the TikTok app in their own courses

Dan Luo, Comparative Literature, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Course:  CHIN 321: Advanced Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I
Title:  Chinese Culture-based Online Modules for L2 Learners with Interdisciplinary Approaches   
Deliverables:  Theme-content-value modules and resource packages that are tailorable to any Chinese course  

Gareth Rees-White, Composition and Rhetoric, English Language and Literature

Course:  102 – Rhetoric and Composition
Title/Purpose:  Converting ENGL 102 from a fully online course into a hybrid model
Deliverables:  Blackboard hybrid course structure and syllabus usable by other disciplines

Shaoshuang Wen, Political Science

Course:  POLI 433 – Economic Aspects of International Politics
Title:  The Bookdown project – developing an integrative website of learning resources
Deliverables:  Structure/model of a Bookdown website and instructor recommendations

Amber Wilson and Phillip Berry, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Course:  CRJU 312 – Corrections
Title:  Using the Game of Life as the basis for developing interactive online modules
Deliverables:  Interactive gameplay module structure based on real-life scenarios

Cheng Xiao, Linguistics, and Dan Luo, Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Course:  CHIN 121 – Elementary Mandarin Chinese
Title: Prosodic-Enhanced Module for Beginner Level Chinese Learners with the Flipped Classroom Approach   
Deliverables:  Expandable to all levels of Chinese classes and broadly generalizable to other language courses

2019 - 2020

Douglas Q. Adams, Francie Cashman & Justin Roberts-Pierel, Physics and Astronomy

Title/Purpose:  Leveraging Python Programming for STEM Research
Deliverables:  Development of a Python mini-course to be accessible by STEM students and faculty

Zackery Butler, Sociology

Course:  SOCY 315 – Global Population Issues
Title:  Using the Jigsaw active learning technique for encouraging cooperative learning both in person and online
Deliverables:  Instructions for incorporating Jigsaw for small or large projects, generalized version flexible to be used in other disciplines

Elizabeth Churchya, School of Music

Course:  MUSC 110 – Introduction to Music
Title/Purpose:  Course delivery change from in-person to asynchronous online
Deliverables:  Course format/structure, sequence, assignments and assessments reusable for both in-person and online future course sections

Xiao Huang, Geography

Course:  GEOG 105 – The Digital Earth
Title:  Instituting a new workflow in a laboratory class with hands-on lab experiences and data collection activities using ArcGIS
Deliverables:  Model for revamping projects and data collection activities in lecture-heavy courses

Anne Shelley Hucks, Biological Sciences

Course:  BIOL 302L – Cell and Molecular Biology
Title:  Implementing the Western Blot technique across Biology labs as a teaching tool
Deliverables:  Protocol for implementing the Western Blot technique into any biology/genetics lab

Robin James, Mechanical Engineering

Course:  EMCH 362 – Mechanical Engineering Lab II
Title:  Flipping the Laboratory Class using VR Experiments
Deliverables:  Model for lab class design transferable to other related courses and engineering departments

Christopher Krause, Geography

Course:  GEOG 103 – Introduction to Geography
Title:  Incorporating debate into a large lecture Geography course
Deliverables:  Debate assessment design strategy, rubrics, topics and readings

Brendan Mooney and Daria Smirnova, Comparative Literature, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Course:  RUSS 319L – 19th-Century Russian Literature
Title:  Integrating phonetics notations into Russian texts and assessments to facilitate better content accessibility
Deliverables:  Assessments, annotated texts usable by other Russian classes, format/model for integrating phonetics annotation into language course texts

Clint Saidy, Mechanical Engineering

Course:  EMCH 380 – Project Management for Engineers
Title:  Implementing a case-study based assessment series for project management courses
Deliverables:  Case study scenarios, assessments, project design available to any project management course

Inne Singgih and Zhiyu Wang, Mathematics

Course:  Math 170 – Finite Mathematics
Title:  Engaging Mathematics students by incorporating interactive game theory and computer simulations  
Deliverables:  Resources, simulations, assessments transferable to statistics, economics, and other mathematics-based courses

2018 - 2019

Salandra Bowman, Instructor, African American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
AFAM 201: Introduction to African American Studies

Dawn Campbell, Instructor, Women's and Gender Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
WGST 112: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Sherry Grosso, Instructor of Economics, Division of Business Administration and Economics, UofSC Sumter
MGSC 290: Computer Information Systems in Business and ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics

Marketa Kubickova, Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management,
College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
HRTM 110: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

Jingling Liu, Assistant Professor, Library and Information Science, School of Library and Information Science
EDRM 801: Principles and Applications of Educational Research and EDRM 700 Introduction to Research in Education

Holly Overton, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, College of Information and Communications
JOUR 201; Principles of Public Relations

Amanda "Mandi" Schlegel, Assistant Professor, Instrumental Music Education, School of Music
MUSC 210: Understanding the Psychology of Music

Chuhan (Renee) Wang, Instructor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
HRTM 280: Foundations of Tourism

Hannah Huber, English Language and Literature

Course:  First-Year English (101: Critical Reading and Composition; 102: Rhetoric and Composition)
Title:  Implementing Peer Review Workshops in FYE
Deliverables:  Workshop presentation introducing peer review to students, associated instructor resources and how-to guide

Kathleen Jocoy, Psychology

Course:  PSYC 226 – Research Methods in Psychology
Title:  Using a lab-based approach to teaching students to write a research proposal
Deliverables:  Lesson plans/worksheets for incorporating an undergraduate research proposal assessment series into a course

Tara Martin, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Course:  CRJU 430 – Communities and Crime
Title:  Building writing and researching skills through formative assessments
Deliverables:  Resource packet for performing effective library research, guiding student writing skills, and writing self-assessments.

Robert Vandermolen and Hays Whitlatch, Mathematics

Course:  MATH, 546 – Algebraic Structures 1
Title:  Speech-to-Text Analytic Resource (STAR)
Deliverables:  Program that provides customized and pre-programmed analytics (wait time, word cloud) from lectures.

Yaroslaw Bazaliy, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy, College of Arts and Sciences, Collaborator:  Timir Datta 
PHYS 201: General Physics I

 Naomi Falk, Assistant Professor, School of Visual Art and Design, College of Arts and Sciences 
ARTS 225: Intro to 3D Studies + 325/425/525 Int/Adv/Grad 3D Studies + 529: 3D Workshop 

Sharon Gumina, Instructor, Department of Integrated Information Technology, College of Engineering and Computing 
ITEC-245: Introduction to Networking 

Daniela Jankovska, Instructor, Department of Retailing, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management 
RETL 365: Visual Merchandising and Store Design 

Jin Liu, Instructor, Educational Studies, College of Education 
EDRM 723: Classroom Assessment Methods 

Caitlin Mardis, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, College of Pharmacy
PHMY 756: Clinical Immunology and Transplantation 

Krystal Werfel, Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Arnold School of Public Health
COMD 754-J50: Aural Rehabilitation of Children and Adults

Lori Ziolkowski, Assistant Professor, School of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, College of Arts and Sciences
MSCI 210: Oceans and Society

Dirk Brown, Assistant Clinical Professor, McNair Institute for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise, Office of the Provost, Multiple Courses
Collaborators:  Patti Fabel, Dean Kress, Joel Stevenson, Robert Fowler, Jonathan Fletcher, and Kristina Hooks

Christy Friend, Professor, Director of the Incubator for Teaching Innovation, College of Arts and Sciences, Outside-the-Box Event Design Challenge
Collaborator:  Nina Moreno, Associate Professor of Spanish, Assistant Director, Incubator for Innovative Teaching, College of Arts and Sciences

Sharon Gumina, Instructor, Integrated Information Technology, College of Engineering and Computing, Introduction to Networking (ITE 245)
Collaborators:  Anthony Dillon, Internship Director IIT and Anna House, Professor, School of Visual Art and Design

Dick Kawooya, Interim SLIS Director, Associate Professor, College of Information and Communications,CIC USCreativity Design Challenge
Collaborators:  Andrea Tanner & John D'Ignazio, School of Library and Information Science

Gina Kunz, Research Associate Professor, College of Education, Dean’s Office,Classroom Creativity Design Challenge
Collaborators:  Margo Jackson, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, College of Education and Ryan Inzana, Assistant Dean of Business Operations, Office of the Dean, College of Education

Sabrina Habib and Tara Mortensen, Assistant Professors, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, College of Information and Communications, Photovisual Communication III and JOUR 346: Graphics for Visual Communication (JOUR 448)

Katherine Ryker, Assistant Professor, School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment, College of Arts and Sciences,Environment of the Earth (GEOL 103) and Intro to the Earth (GEOL 101)
Collaborator:  Wolfgang Ashley

Marius Valdes, Associate Professor, School of Visual Art and Design, College of Arts and Sciences, Senior Projects (ARTS 447)
Collaborator:  Coach Jaime Smith, USC Women’s Soccer Team

Gerald Brasington, Instructor, Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, BIOL 244: Anatomy and Physiology II, Technology: 3D4Medical App with HoloLens Component

Tena B. Crews, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Director of Distributed Learning, Office of Distributed Learning, Office of the Provost, RWTL 330: Asset Protection for Retailers and other courses, Technology: 360° Video Faculty Support

Stephen Criswell, Professor, Palmetto College, USC Lancaster, ENGL 429: Studies in American Literature: Native American Oral Traditions, Technology: 360° Video

Robert Dawson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Neuropsychiatry In Behavioral Health/Rehabilitation Counseling, School of Medicine, RCON 700: Foundations of Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling and RCON 725: Career Theories and the World of Work, Technology: 360° Video, Augmented Reality

Lara Ducate, Professor and Lara Lomicka Anderson, Professor, Languages Literature and Culture, College of Arts and Sciences, FREN 209/210 and GERM 210/211, Technology: 360° Video

Kirk Fiedler, Associate Professor, Management Science, Moore School of Business, MGSC 390: Business Information Systems, Technology: Augmented Reality, Immersive Virtual Reality

Miyoung Jeong, Professor and Sandy Strick, Associate Professor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management, HRTM 364: Conference & Meeting Planning, Technology: 360° Video

Ann Blair Kennedy, Clinical Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences/Division of Behavioral, Social, and Population Health, School of Medicine Greenville, GMEDG 601:  Integrated Practice of Medicine, Technology: 360° Video, Augmented Reality, Immersive Virtual Reality

Brian Mihalik, William McFall "Mac" Pearce, Professor and Center Director, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Sport and Entertainment Management, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, HRTM 280: Foundations of Tourism, Technology: 360° Video, VIRB Editing Software

Katherine Ryker, Assistant Professor, School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment, College of Arts and Sciences, GEOL 103: Environment of the Earth, Technology: 360° Video

Amanda Schlegel, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Music Education, School of Music, MUED 200: Music Education Practicum and MUED 551: The Middle School Band, Technology: 360° Video

Raymond Torres, Professor, School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment, College of Arts and Sciences, GEOL 315: Surface and Near Surface Processes, Technology: 360° Video, Augmented Reality, Immersive Virtual Reality

2017 - 2018

Daniel A. Brown, College of Pharmacy, Analysis and Applications of Project Management Software (ITEC 560)

Jean Ellis, Geography, Introduction to Physical Geography (GEOG 104)

Kurt Goblirsch, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Viking Mythology (GERM 290)

Catherine Gutshall, Pharmacology, Physiology, and Neuroscience, Foundations of Nurse Anesthesia (ANES 700)

Barry Markovsky, Sociology, Sociology of the Paranormal (SOCY 330)

Gabrielle Peterson, Theatre and Dance, Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre (THEA 200) 

Eric P. Robinson, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Law and Ethics of Mass Communications (JOUR 303)

Mark S. Rosenbaum, Retailing, Principles of Customer Service (RETL 362)

John Abdalla, Instructor of History, Extended University, Palmetto College
HIST 111: United States History to 1865 and HIST 112 United States History since 1865

Sanda Avinger, Instructor, Instruction and Teacher Education, College of Education, Palmetto College
EDEL 305: Nature and Management of Elementary Classrooms

Daniela Friedman, Professor and Department Chair, Co-Director, Office for the Study of Aging, Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, Arnold School of Public Health
HPEB 711: Applied Health Communication

Tom Hughes, Senior Lecturer, School of Accounting, Darla Moore School of Business
ACCT 324: Commercial Law

Jin Liu, Instructor, Educational Psychology and Research, Educational Studies, College of Education
EDRM 801: Principles and Applications of Educational Research and EDRM 700 Introduction to Research in Education

Helene Maire-Afeli, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, USC Union
CHEM 105: Chemistry and Modern Society I and CHEM 107 Forensic Chemistry

Patti Marinelli, Senior Instructor, Spanish, Languages, Literature and Cultures
SPAN 109: Beginning Spanish I and SPAN 110 Beginning Spanish II

Robert Ogilvie, Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences
BIOL 530: Histology

Yvette Sands, Curriculum And Instruction, College Of Education
SPTE Computer Applications in Sport and Entertainment Management

David Fuente, School of Earth, Ocean & Environment, Water and Sanitation in Global Perspective

Patrick Hickey, College of Nursing, Faculty Principal Capstone Scholars Program, International Healthcare: Service Learning in Nicaragua (U290)

Kathryn Luchok, Anthropology, Global Women's Health (ANTH 352)

Brooke W. McKeever, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Communicating Science, Health and the Environment (JOUR 562)

James Thrasher, Department of Health Promotion, Education & Behavior, Certificate of Graduate Study in Global Health (CGSGH) Courses

Myriam E Torres, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Arnold School of Public Health, Global USC in Costa Rica: Global Health (Several Courses)

Shemsi Alhaddad, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, USC Lancaster, Statistics and the Media (STAT 112)

Fatih Ari, Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Studies, College of Education, Applications of Learning Principles (EDET 709)

Saurabh Chatterjee, Associate Professor, Director, Environmental Health & Disease Laboratory, Environmental Health Sciences, Arnold School of Public Health, Concepts of Environmental Health Sciences (ENHS 660) 

Karen Edwards, Senior Instructor, Department of Retailing, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, Asset Protection for Retailers (RETL 330)

Nicole Hair, Assistant Professor, Health Services Policy and Management, Arnold School of Public Health, Health Economics (HSPM 412)

Suzy Hardie, Instructor, Educational Leadership and Policies, College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policies (EDLP) in Certification for Elementary Principals and Certification for Secondary Principals

Deborah Hazzard, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Darla Moore School of Business, Diversity and Inclusion

Daniel Kiernan, Senior Instructor of Biology, Division of Science, Mathematics and Engineering, USC Sumter, Biology 110
Anwar Merchant, Professor, Director, Curriculum Development, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Arnold School of Public Health, Concepts and Methods of Epidemiology (EPID 701)

Nina Morena, Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences, Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (SPAN 515/ LING 504)

Kathy Quarles-Moore, Lab Instructor, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, College of Pharmacy,  Advanced Community Lab (PHMY 771)

Stephen Thompson, Professor, Instruction and Teacher Education, College of Education, Elementary Science Instruction (EDEL 450)

Donna Watts, Instructor, Department of Retailing, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, Fashion Through the Ages: 1800 A.D. to Present (RETL 116)

Stephanie Milling, Associate Chair and Undergraduate Director, Theatre and Dance, Interim Administrative Coordinator Dance Program and the Head of Dance Education, Integrative Learning in Dance as a Catalyst for Develop Emerging Leaders in the Field (Dance 470)  

Lesly Wade-Woolley, Associate Professor, Communications Sciences and  Disorders, Arnold School of Public Health and Suzanne M. Adlof, Assistant Professor, Communications Sciences and  Disorders, Arnold School of Public Health, School-Age Language and Literacy Development and Disorders (COMD 720/720J) and Advanced Study of Literacy for Speech-Language Pathologists (COMD 727/727J) 

2016 - 2017

Yaroslaw Bazaliy, Physics and Astronomy, Einstein’s Relativity: Understanding by Example (PHYS 3xx)

Andy Gillentine, Sport and Entertainment Management, Ethics in Sport and Entertainment Business (SPTE 385)

Deborah Hazzard-Robinson, Darla Moore School of Business, Principles of Management (MGMT 371)

Lara Lomicka-Anderson, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, UNIV 401

Diane McGhee Valle, Theatre and Dance, DANC 101

Jacob Rivers, English Language and Literature, Special Topics in American Literature: Major American Writers (ENG 285)

Jennifer Vendemia, Psychology, Cognitive Psychology (Psych 405)

Yang Wang, College of Education, Reading Assessment (EDRD 716)

 David Tedeschi, Professor and Steven Rodney, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Introduction to Astronomy (ASRT 101)

Darin Freeburg, School of Library and Information Science, Knowledge Management for Library & Information Professionals (SLIS 41O, SUS 726)
Patrick Hickey, College of Nursing, Perioperative Environment: Basic Survival Skills (SCHC 392)
R. Mac Jones, English, Extended University, E-Portfolios for BLS and BOL Degree Programs- Palmetto College (PALM 493, PALM 494, UNIV 401)
Zhenlong Li, Department of Geography, Spatial Programming (GEOG 554)
Haylee Uecker Mercado, Department  of Sport and Entertainment Management, Sustainable Sport and Entertainment Facility Management (SPTE 590)
Damien Picarello, Political Science and Anna Oswald-Hensley, Registrar's Office, USC Sumter, Graduation with Leadership Distinction (UNIV 401)
Charles Pierce, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Introduction to Civil Engineering (ECIV 201) and Computational Methods for Civil Engineering (ECIV 101)
Susan Rathbun-Grubb, School of Library and Information Science, Metadata (SLIS 735) and Indexing and Abstracting  (SUS 732)
Armen Shaomian, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management, The Business of Broadway (SPTE 590)
David Weintraub, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Freelancing for Creative Professionals (JOUR 499-001)

Mark Cooper, Film and Media History, (FAMS 300)
Kathryn “Kay” Edwards, European History from Ancient Times to Mid-Seventeenth Century (HIST 101)
Mark Minett, Introduction to Film and Media Studies, (FAMS 240)
Carla Pfeffer, Sex and Gender (SOCY 301)

Alicia W. Walker, School of Music, Music Education and Service-Learning in South Africa (MUSC 399/599)
John Grady, Sport and Entertainment Management, College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, Exchange Partnership with the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) in Madrid, Spain


Shelley A.J. Jones, English, Extended University, South Carolina Studies, South Carolina Studies (PALM 493)
Saskia Coenen Snyder,Department of History, History of the Holocaust (HIST 380)

2015 - 2016

Lydia Brandt, Art History, School of Visual Art and Design, History of American Art I, ARTH 340
Mark Garrett Cooper, Film and Media Studies Program, Film and Media History, FAMS 300

Lara Ducate, Kristina Stefanić-Brown and Ursula Engelbrecht, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Beginning German I & II (GERM 109 and GERM 110), Elementary German (GERM 121), Basic Proficiency in German (GERM 122)

Edward Gatzke, College of Engineering and Computing, Mathematical Modeling in Biomedical Engineering I (BMEN 211)

Renee LeClair, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Medicine (GMED G620)

James Barilla, Department of English Language and Literature, Creative Writing (ENGL 360)
Peter Duffy, Department of Theatre and Dance
Marketa Kubickova, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Julia López-Robertson, Instruction and Teacher Education, Global and Multicultural Perspectives on Education in International Settings (EDUC 360) and Field Problems in Education IV (EDUC 635)
John Weidner, Chemical Engineering

Amanda Dalola and Lara Lomicka Anderson, Languages, Literatures & Cultures, The Art of French Cuisine (FREN 398/ FREN 595)
John Grady, Sport & Entertainment Management, SPTE Program: Developing a “Four-Year Undergraduate Research Experience,” Sport and Entertainment Management 
Joe Jones, Marine Science, Aquaponics (MSCI 599)
Shelley Jones,  English, Palmetto College, Extended University, PALM 495
Stephanie Milling, Theatre and Dance, Dance Education Program
Jeff Ranta, Dirk Brown, and Jeff Rehling, Journalism & Mass Communications, Management, Marketing, The Strategic Communications Institute at the University of South Carolina
Sarah Rothenberg, Environmental Health, Global Environmental Health, ENHS 323/ ENVR 323
Jeremy Searson, Physical Education and Athletic Training, Athletic Training Program Clinical Education Courses (ATEP-292, ATEP-293, ATEP-392, ATEP-393, ATEP-492 and ATEP-494)
Chandini Sankaran, Economics, Economics of Sustainable Development (ECON 509)
Armen Shaomian, Sport & Entertainment Management, Promoting Live Entertainment Events (SPTE 404)

Sharon DeWitte, Anthropology and Biological Sciences, Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIOL 244)
Kelly Lynn MulveyEducational Studies, College of Education, Development: Childhood (EDPY 706) 
Greg Springer, School of Music, Understanding the Psychology of Music (MUED 1xx)

Aidyn Iachini and Brie Dunn, Social Work and College of Pharmacy
Jed Lyons, Mechanical Engineering
Helene Maire-Afeli, Chemistry, USC Union
Christine Raper, Public Health

2014 - 2015

Spring 2015

Patricia Fabel, College of Pharmacy, Self Care and Complimentary Medicines,  SCCP 750
, Final Report
Kirk A. Foster, Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities,  SOWK 732
, Final Report
Elina Levina and April South, Biological Sciences, Biological Principles I Laboratory(BIOL 101L) and Biological Principles II Laboratory (BIOL 102L), Final Report

David Lee Miller, English, Fiction (ENGL 282
F), Final Report
Wayne Outten and Caryn E. Outten, Chemistry & Biochemistry, (Course 1: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology – CHEM 555/BIOL 545; Course 2: Metabolic Biochemistry of Human Disease – CHEM 639/BIOL 599) , Final Report

Fall 2014

Elizabeth Breitbach, Economics, Introduction to Economics, ECON 224, Final Report
Melinda Forthofer, Linda (Lyndie) Hazlett, Jan Eberth, Epidemiology, Principles of Epidemiology, EPID 410, Final Report
Daniel Jenkins, Music, Music Theory I & II, MUSC 115 and MUSC 116, Final Report
Alan White, Bert Ely, Shannon Davis, Milan Dhameja, Biology, Biological Principles I & II, BIOL 101 and BIOL 102

Lana Burgess, McKissick Museum
Lara Ducate, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Tara Fetemie, Biology
Nicole Fisk, English
Laura Kissel, Art
Elise Lewis, Mass Communications and Information Studies, School of Library and Information Science
Karen Mallia, School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Michelle Martin, CMIS, School of Library and Information Science
Karen Patten, Integrated Information Technology, HRSM
Collin Webster, Department of Physical Education and Athletic Training, College of Education

Shemsi Alhaddad, Department of Mathematics, USC Lancaster, Elementary Statistics, STAT 201
Khalid Ballouli, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management, Special Topics in Live Entertainment and Sport: Social Media, SPTE 570
Gloria Boutte, Instruction and Teacher Education, Educating African American Students, EDTE 776
Catherine Castner, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Introduction to Latin American Civilization and Beginning Latin II, LATN 109 and LATN 110
Christopher Emrich, Department of Geography, Hazards Analysis and Planning, GEOG 535
Matthew Irvin, Educational Psychology and Research, Growth and Development: Middle Childhood and Adolescence, EDPY 707
Paul Malovrh, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Elementary Spanish and Basic Proficiency in Spanish, SPAN 121 and SPAN 122)
Ronda Sanders, Department of Mathematics, Basic College Mathematics, MAT 111) 

Bobby Donaldson, History, College of Arts & Sciences
Brianne Dunn, College of Pharmacy
Farkas Csilla, Computer Science & Engineering
Patrick Hickey, Capstone Scholar Program
David DeWeil, Capstone Scholar Program
Jeffrey Irwin, USC Salkehatchie
Liu Xiaofeng (Steven), Education Studies, College of Education
Christine Sixta-Rinehart, Political Science, USC Union
Brad Stratton, Moore School of Business

2013 - 2014

Sarah Battersby, Geography
Stephen Criswell, English
Thaddeus Davis, Theatre and Dance
Jessica Elfenbein, History
Mindy Fenske, English
Patrick Hickey, College of Nursing
Olga Ivashkevich, Art Education
Karen Mallia, Journalism & Mass Communications
Douglas Pittman, College of Pharmacy
Sara Schwebel, English
Tanya Wideman-Davis, Theatre & Dance
Xinyu Huang, Mechanical Engineering
David Rocheleau, Mechanical Engineering
Elise Lewis, Library and Information Science
Justine Wells, English

Mark Beck, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Charles Carter, School of Medicine
Patricia Fabel
, School of Pharmacy
Karen Mallia, Journalism and Mass Communications
Leah McClimans, Philosophy
Armen Shaomian
, Sport & Entertainment Management
Lauren Sklaroff
, History
Brad Stratton, Management

2012 - 2013

Sara Corwin, Health Promotion, Education and Behavior
Matthew Irvin, Educational Studies
Murray Mitchel, Physical Education & Athletic Training
Mary Hjelm, English
Rebecca Nagel, School of Music
Karen Heid, Art Education
Gail Barnes, School of Music
Jessica Sheffield, Communication Arts and Sciences, Palmetto College
David Whiteman, Political Science
Mary Styslinger, Instruction and Teacher Education

Glenda Alvarado, Journalism and Mass Communications
Stephen T. Anderson, Math, Science, and Engineering
Deborah Billings, Health Promotion/WGST
Noni Bohonak, Computer Science
Erica Gibson, Women and Gender Studies
Jean-Luc Grosso, Business Administration
David Hunter, Extended University
Michael Patrick Kelly, Educational Studies
Jessica Sheffield, Extended University
Hayden Smith, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Mindi Spencer, Public Health/HPEB
Tom Weir, Journalism and Mass Communications

Laura Woliver, Political Science
Mary Hjelm, English
Karen Mallia, Journalism and Mass Communications
Leah McClimans, Philosophy
Darcy Freedman, Social Work
Lauren Sklaroff, History
Brad Smith, Psychology

2011 - 2012

Tena Crews, Integrated Information Technology, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Sherry Grosso, Business Administration and Economics, USC Sumter
Patrick Hickey, College of Nursing
Lara Lomicka, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Associate, College of Arts and Sciences
Dale McCants, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing
Susan Parlier, College of Social Work
Brad Smith, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Mindi Spencer, Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, Arnold School of Public Health
Tasha Tropp Laman, Instructor and Teacher Education, College of Education
David Whiteman, Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences

Paul Chaplin, Instruction and Teacher, Education College of Education
Charles Finocchiaro, Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences
Robert Hock, College of Social Work
Kevin Huang, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing
Allison Marsh, History, College of Arts and Sciences
Phil Marshall, Management Science, Moore School of Business
Sanjib Mishra, Physics and Astronomy, College of Arts and Sciences
Susan Rathburn-Grubb, Library and Information Science,
College of Mass Communications and Information Studies
Robert Richmond Bourn, Theater and Dance, College of Arts and Sciences
Katja Vehlow, Religious Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

James Barilla, English Language and Literature, College of Arts and Sciences
Patrick Hickey, College of Nursing
Kirk Randazzo, Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences
Daniel Smith, Speech Communication and Rhetoric, College of Arts and Sciences David Whiteman, Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences

2010 - 2011

Kendra Albright, School of Library and Information Science
Lara Lomicka Anderson, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Yaroslaw Bazaliy, Physics and Astronomy
Bo Cai, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Walt Collins, Humanities
Joan Donahue, Management
Lara Ducate, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Debra Geddings, Mathematics
Sherry Grosso, Business and Economics
Eric Holt Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Jim Hussey, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Lynette Martek, Geology

Henry Chappell, Economics 
Sara Corwin, Public Health/HPEB 
Peter Duffy, Theatre and Dance 
Sherry Grosso, Business & Economics 
Allison Marsh, History 
Steve McNeill, Mechanical Engineering 
Jeremy Searson, Physical Education 
Theresa J. Smith, South Carolina College of Pharmacy 
Mindi Spencer, Public Health / HPEB 
Debbie Sturm, Educational Studies

James Ackley, School of Music
Jamy Archer, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Reginald Bain, School of Music
Gail Barnes, School of Music
Megan Burton, Instruction and Teacher Education
Debra Geddings, Mathematics
Matt Kostek, Exercise Science
Ellen Moule, Political Science
Christina Piro, South Carolina College of Pharmacy
Donna Shannon, School of Library and Info Science
Debbie Sturm, Educational Studies
Mark Tompkins, Political Science
Gail Wagner, Anthropology

2009 -2010

Yaroslaw Bazaliy, Physics and Astronomy
Lara Ducate, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Joan Donohue, Management Science Associate Professor
Debra Geddings, Mathematics
Daniela Friedman, Health Promotion, Education, & Behavior
Sherry Grosso, Business Administration and Economics
Eric Holt, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Lynnette Martek, Geology
Thomas Moliterno, Management Science
Elizabeth Ravlin, Management Science
Svetlana Shinkareva, Psychology

2008 - 2009

Stephen Bishoff, USC Sumter - Biology
Lara Ducate, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Karen Heid, Art
Jeanna Rathel, Education

Mary Earick, Instruction and Teacher Education
Pat Gehrke, English
Lynn Keane, Technology Support and Training Management
Karen Mallia, Journalism and Mass Communication
Haylee Mercado, Sport and Entertainment Management
Lisa Sisk, Journalism and Mass Communication
Karen Patten, Technology Support and Training Management

Walter Collins, USC Lancaster - French/English
Lara Ducate, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Debra Geddings, Mathematics
Jean-Luc Grosso, USC Sumter- Business Administration and Economics
Sherry Grosso, USC Sumter- Business Administration and Economics
Elizabeth Johnson, Instruction and Teacher Education
Matthew Kostek, Exercise Science
Lynnette Martek, USC Lancaster - Geology
Teresa Smith, USC Sumter - Business Administration Management
Mark Tompkins, Political Science
Wen Wang, Political Science

2007 - 2008

Catherine Packer, Educational Studies

Jeffrey Makala, Thomas Cooper Library

Charles Pierce, Civil & Environmental Engineering
A. Steve McAnally, Civil & Environmental Engineering
James Barilla, English

Janet Hudson, Continuing Education

Lara Lomicka-Anderson, French
Maureen Anderson, USC Salkehatchie - English
Sarah Baxter, Mechanical Engineering
Noni Bohonak, USC Lancaster - Computer Science & Engineering
Nancy Brown, Social Work
Megan Burton, Instruction & Teacher Education
Juan Caicedo, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sean Ford, USC Salkehatchie - English
Patricia Freehan, School of Library & Information Science
Debra Geddings, Mathematics
Sherry Grosso, USC Sumter - Business Administration and Economics
Lynn Harrill, Educational Leadership and Policies
Diane Harwell, Educational Leadership and Policies
Mary Hjelm, USC Salkehatchie - English
Ulanda James, Early Childhood Education
Duncan McDowell, USC Salkehatchie - English

Stephen Criswell, USC Lancaster - Humanities
Christy Friend, English
Kristan Poirot, English
Shevaun Watson, English
Julie Hubbert, Music
John Grady, Sport and Entertainment Management
Lynn Keane, Technology Support and Training Management
Bradley Stratton, Management
Cynthia Phillips, Pharmacy
Terrye Conroy, Law Library

2006 - 2007

John Besley, Journalism & Mass Communication
Megan Burton, Instruction & Teacher Education
Juan Caicedo, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tena Crews, Technology Support & Training Management
Kevin Elliott, Philosophy

Miriam Freeman, College of Social Work Health Promotion
Daniela Friedman, Education & Behavior
Walter Hanclosky, Art
Peter Hoyt, Music
Michelle Jay, Educational Studies
Daniel Norris, Technology Support & Training Management
Anne Perrault, School of Library and Information Science
Justin Weinberg, Philosophy

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