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Preston Residential College

Preston History

Preston Residential College was established in 1995 as the University of South Carolina's only residential college.

When Preston College opened its doors in 1939, it was billed as the "Waldorf-Astoria of campus," and was an all-male, suite-style building. Originally home to returning WWII vets, Preston also housed university athletes throughout its history. Under the leadership of Dr. Don Greiner in the Provost's Office, the residential college was opened as a home for honors students. The opening of the residential college was the first time women were allowed to live in Preston. Today, Preston is home to a wide variety of students who are committed to leadership development and community service.


Distinguished Leaders of Preston Residential College

  • Dr. Don Greiner

    Dr. Don Greiner

    Founder, Preston Residential College

  • Drs. Kevin and Becky Lewis

    Drs. Kevin and Becky Lewis

    Co-Principals, 1995-1998

  • Dr. Ken and Ms. Margaret Perkins

    Dr. Ken and Ms. Margaret Perkins

    Co-Principals, 1998-2002

  • Prof. Chris Robinson

    Prof. Chris Robinson

    Principal, 2002-2006

  • Dr. Matt Miller

    Dr. Matt Miller

    Principal, 2006

  • Dr. Jim and Ms. Marta Stiver

    Dr. Jim and Ms. Marta Stiver

    Principal, 2007-2010

  • Dr. Bobby Donaldson and Ms. Elise Ahyi

    Dr. Bobby Donaldson and Ms. Elise Ahyi

    Co-Principals, 2010-2016

  • Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson and family

    Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson

    Principal, 2016-2022

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