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Preston Residential College

Student Leaders

Everyone in Preston has the opportunity to become a leader or to hone their career-building leadership skills.

Aidan Baker

Preston Hall Government

Aidan Baker, Moderator

Hall Government serves as the voice of advocacy for Preston. Residents are encouraged to participate in discussions and debates regarding our community. Funding is available for any resident to help fund programs and initiatives for Preston. Preston Government meetings are held each Sunday at 8:00pm in the Seminar Room. 

Emily Ouyang

Preston Ambassadors

Emily Ouyang, Chair

The Preston Ambassadors regularly give tours to prospective students and their families each semester, often showing Preston to more than 600 guests in one day. The ambassadors host several social events throughout the year, including the traditional Cereal Killers and Sundaes on Sunday events. The PAs also assist in planning the annual Gatsby Banquet and Awards Ceremony to bring the community together for an end-of-the-year celebration.

Hailie Skehan

Y-IMPACT Community Service Organization

Hallie Skehan, President

Preston’s service organization is focused on service areas such as education, community engagement, and Health and Wellness, Y-IMPACT participates in several service projects as well as local and international philanthropy. Partner organizations include Relay for Life, Dance Marathon, Families Helping Families, The Starfish Foundation, and Harvest Hope Food Bank.

Josh roper

Green Thumbs

Jesse Surette, Head Gardener

The Green Thumbs work to help Preston students engage in horticulture and experience the fun and sense of responsibility that comes with nurturing our environment. We have two vegetable plots (affectionately named Kale Yeah and Mint to Be), a backyard filled with beautiful flowers, and a brand new meditation garden that serves as an area dedicated to bringing peace to Preston residents.

Riley Jones

Literature and Arts Society

 Riley Jones, Editor-in-Chief

The Literature and Arts Society hosts various events, including a book club, the annual Slam 'n' Jam talent show, and a tour of the Special Collections at the Thomas Cooper Library. The Literary and Arts Society helps to create our own literary journal, Bellwether.

Brice Laney

Cookies and Christ

Brice Laney, President

Cookies and Christ helps to foster knowledge of Jesus Christ and biblical Christianity among Preston Residential College students over warm cookies.