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Preston Residential College

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Courses and Academics

Preston courses cover a number of Carolina Core requirements in a small class environment. Residents are not required to sign up for any of these courses, but are highly encouraged to do so.

Research Grants

Current and former residents can apply for a grant that offers up to $1,000 to fund a research project. The Magellan Explorer grant is offered in spring and fall and can be used for salary, materials, supplies, and/or travel expenses. Get the full details about the grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research.


Fall 2023 Courses

Although not required, Preston-only courses give our residents an exclusive opportunity to learn together and focus on topics of particular importance to them. Check your welcome email (sent in late May/early June) for information about pre-registering for these courses.

Introductory survey of macromolecules, cell structure and function, genetics, and molecular biology. Must enroll in BIOL101L in the same semester.

Fulfills Carolina Core SCI

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
BIOL101.SL1 17761 20 T/R 1:15 pm-2:30 pm COKER 005 TBA
BIOL101.SL1L 17765 20 M 3:55 pm-6:40 pm JONES 125 A. Culver

Basic biological concepts and issues for non-biology majors. 

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
BIOL110.SL1 20401 20

M 3:30 pm-04:20 pm
R 2:50 pm-4:50 pm
F 3:30 pm-4:20 pm


M. Bates

The Apocalypse is not a new idea, and this course offers students the opportunity to engage the ecological, political, ethical, scientific, and imaginative undercurrents of apocalyptic genres across epochs and cultures. Students will strengthen their abilities to inquire, interpret, and write within the academic and public-facing spheres through close readings of various media and genres—including philosophy, history, poetry, fiction, political treatise, scientific prose, and mythographical writing. The  class will encourage students to conceive of the texts at hand as valuable not only for their “apocalyptic” content, but as offerings by which to investigate for themselves perennial psychological, philosophical, and social questions. 

Fulfills Carolina Core CMW

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
ENGL101.A01 10434 19 M/W/F 10:50 am-11:40 am PRESTON 125 S. Hubbard

An introduction to and survey of the basic concepts and findings within the field of psychology.

Fulfills Carolina Core GSS

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
PSYC101.010 12025 25 M/W/F 2:20 pm-3:10 pm GAMBRL 250 T. Collier

U101 is an award-winning course designed to help you make a successful transition to the University of South Carolina, both academically and personally. It aims to foster a sense of belonging, promotes engagement in the curricular and co-curricular life of the University, highlights what the University and its faculty expect from students, and helps you develop and apply critical thinking skills. U101 provides a unique introduction to USC and serves as a great way to learn and interact with students and faculty in the Preston Residential College community. This section will be taught by a Preston Associate.

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
UNIV101.A01 19675 19 T/R 10:05 am-11:20 am PRESTON 125 A. Tavakoli
UNIV101.A02 19676 19 T/R 2:50 pm-4:05 pm PRESTON 125 C. Giraudy


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