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Preston Residential College

Academics in Preston

Courses and Academics

Preston courses cover a number of Carolina Core requirements in a small class environment. Residents are not required to sign up for any of these courses, but are highly encouraged to do so.

Research Grants

Current and former residents can apply for a grant that offers up to $500 to fund a research project. The Magellan Explorer grant is offered in spring and fall and can be used for salary, materials, supplies or travel expenses. Get the full details about the grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research.


Spring 2020 Courses

Although not required, Preston-only courses give Preston students an exclusive opportunity to learn together and focus on topics of particular importance to them. 

This course will focus on Moroccan culture including gender equality, ethnicity, food, identity, religion, and social class. In addition to active, participatory experiences that enhance learning, students will develop critical thinking and experiential learning skills. The class will include lectures and discussions,  assignments and short readings, and journaling (i.e. both personal reflections and responding to prescribed topics).

Fulfills Carolina Core GSS

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
COLA298.A01 49911 16 T/Th  11:40 am - 12:55 pm PRSTN 125 L. Lomicka

Whether we understand food as material or symbolic, as something that defines us culturally and ideologically, or as something necessary for all forms of life on Earth, we cannot deny (or escape) the presence and importance of food in our everyday lives. Arguments and conversations about food cover a broad range of topics such as the ethical implications of eating meat to the historical and cultural origin of a popular dish, the "proper" way to eat a dish, and so on.

Fulfills Carolina Core CMW and INF

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
ENGL102.A01 41800 24 T/Th 10:05 am - 11:20 am PETIGR 112 K. Allen

Introduction to theory and practice of oral communication in public, social, and institutional contexts. Includes foundational and cumulative training in the invention, performance, and critical analysis of oral communication, with emphasis on argumentation, persuasion, audience analysis, delivery, and ethical forms of engagement. 

Fulfills Carolina Core CMS

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
SPCH140.A01 48613 24 T/Th 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm HUMCB 302 P. Walker

Introduction to the fundamentals of modern statistical methods, including descriptive statistics, probability, random sampling, simple linear regression, correlation, tests of hypotheses, and estimation. Prerequisites: MATH 111 or 115 or STAT 110, or consent of department

Fulfills Carolina Core ARP

Section CRN Seats Day and Time Location Instructor
STAT201.SL1 57307 20

M/W 9:40 am - 10:30 am

Lab: F 8:30 am - 10:25 am



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