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Preston Residential College

Preston Scholars Program

The Preston Scholars Program is a unique way to showcase your involvement with Preston while pursuing Graduation with Leadership Distinction.

About the Program

The Preston Scholars Program supports students in their quest for academic and community leadership development and service through:

  1. Connecting students to opportunities for meaningful service experiences;
  2. Promoting opportunities for leadership development and engagement;
  3. Supporting progression toward Graduation with Leadership Distinction;
  4. Recognizing high-achieving students in areas of leadership and service;

For full details of the Preston Scholars Program, please download our brochure.


Benefits of Becoming a Preston Scholar

Becoming a Preston Scholar distinguishes you from your peers by demonstrating your dedication to leadership development and service. If you earn a distinction as a Preston Scholar, you will be better prepared to market yourself as a servant leader and a civically-engaged individual. The Preston Scholars Program will serve as a springboard into your completion of Graduation with Leadership Distinction. Additionally, participating in the Preston Scholars Program is the only way to earn your Preston Senior Recognition Cord!


Program Requirements

  • Students must reside at Preston for at least one semester, and can begin the program at any time during or after their residency.
  • Attend one meeting per semester with the Graduate Assistant, Assistant Principal, or Faculty Principal to discuss your progress toward completing the requirements of the Preston Scholars Program.
  • Graduate with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Earn a C or better in a Preston class
  • Complete at least one of the pathways of GLD
  • Engage in experiences that add up to 10 points under each pillar. More information regarding approved experiences and opportunities can be found in our brochure
  • Write a reflection detailing how your involvement in Preston and on campus has contributed to your development in the four Preston pillars


Getting Involved

If you're interested in learning more about the Preston Scholars Program, please contact Bri Sirota at