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New Process for Purchase Order Changes

New Process to Change Purchase Orders

Effective 4/4/16, in order for changes to purchase orders to be processed, the approver must email the purchasing department outlining the change requested. Change requests not submitted by the approver will not be processed. If a purchase order has already been receipted, vouchered or paid, a new requisition is required and a new purchase order will be issued. Please follow the steps listed below to ensure timely processing of your change.

Steps for Requestor and Approver

  1. The requestor identifies the change to be made to the Purchase Order. The change can be any of the following:
    1. Change purchase order line quantity.
    2. Change purchase order line amount (Amount Only).
    3. Change the unit price of the item.
    4. Change the shipping address.
    5. Change the item description.
    6. Change the due date.
  2. The requestor informs the approver of the requested change.
    1. The approver must approve the change.
  3. The approver submits an email to the buyer of record in the Purchasing department outlining the change. The information below is required in order to process the change.
    1. Requisition number(s) and PO number
    2. PO line sequence number ( if more than 1 item on PO)
    3. If quantity is changing; provide updated quantity
    4. If amount is changing; provide the updated amount
    5. If unit price is changing; provide the updated unit price

Steps for Purchasing Buyer

  1. Buyer receives the email.
  2. Buyer retrieves the PO.
    1. Buyer must review the email for approval by the approver.
    2. Buyer reviews for procurement.
    3. Buyer updates the PO based upon requested changes.
    4. Buyer attaches email to the line comments for the appropriate line.
    5. Buyer enters line comments providing the reason for the change.
    6. Buyer saves the changes.

If you have questions, please contact the Purchasing department.

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