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Section F.1
University of South Carolina Safety Program Guide


The radiation safety program is designed to ensure that radioactive material and electronic products that emit potentially harmful forms of radiation are used in a safe manner by University employees. Specific procedures related to radiation usage have been developed by the Radiation Safety Committee. This faculty committee oversees the entire program and ensures that the policies and procedures are followed by all radiation workers and are properly enforced by the radiation safety officer. Committee members are chosen from various academic departments where radiation is used and they act as a consultative body for the radiation safety program.

In South Carolina, radioactive materials and x-ray emitting devices are regulated by the S.C. Bureau of Radiological Health, a division of the Department of Health an Environmental Control (DHEC). DHEC enforces regulations found in RHA 61-63 for radioactive materials and RHB R61-64 for x-ray emitting devices. The University has a license (S.C. License 405) for radioactive material usage and each x-ray emitting device is also registered with them. In addition, the university follows various standards for the use of laser, ultra-violet light and radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation.

The radiation safety program has three main functions:

1). Regulatory compliance and enforcement

2). Provide essential services to researchers

3). Provide training to employees

Scope and Application

The radiation safety program was established to support the needs of the researchers who rely on radiation as an essential tool in their work. All employees who work with radiation in the university laboratories must be active participants in the radiation safety program. They must follow the policies and procedures for radiation safety and participate in the training programs offered at USC.

The university has developed and issued to laboratories a Radiation Safety Manual which contains a detailed description of the program as well as the policies and procedures for the safe use of these materials. Before any employee can use radiation, they must read this manual and become familiar with the various provisions related to their specific uses. Each laboratory has been issued a copy of this manual.

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