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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

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Paul Malovrh

Title: DLLC Department Chair
Professor of Hispanic Linguistics
Department: Languages, Literatures and Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: J. Welsh Humanities Bldg, 706
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Linguistics Program
Prof. Paul Malovrh


Ph.D., Indiana University, 2008
MAT, Marquette University, 2003
BA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1996


Dr. Malovrh specializes in SLA, applied Hispanic linguistics, and foreign language pedagogy.  Working within a (socio)cognitive framework, he investigates interlanguage development and the underlying cognitive strategies constraining it.  His current research agenda addresses advanced language proficiency and L2 advancedness, specifically, and its relationship with curricular design and contemporary professional expectations of multilingualism.  He is also part of a multinational team of researchers investigating online processing strategies in different learning contexts, comparing deductive and inductive instructional approaches, and exploring their relationship with the formation of explicit knowledge. 

Research Interests

Advanced interlanguage development; psycholinguistic processing strategies; task-induced variation in second-language production; development of oral and written proficiency through instructional intervention; online processing in deductive and inductive instructional contexts 

Selected Publications

Malovrh, P. A. & N. Moreno. (In press).  Second Language Identity: Awareness, Ideology, and Assessment in Higher Education.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.  

Malovrh, P. A. & J. F. Lee. (2013).  The Developmental Dimension in Instructed Second Language Learning: The L2 Acquisition of Object Pronouns in Spanish.  London:  Bloomsbury.    

Edited Volumes 
Menke, M. & P. A. Malovrh (Eds.).  (2021).  Advancedness in Second Language Spanish: Definitions, Challenges and Possibilities.  Amsterdam: Benjamins. 

Malovrh, P. A. & A. Benati (Eds.). (2018).  The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second  Language Acquisition.  Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. 

Refereed Journal Articles  
Malovrh, P. A. (Invited/Submitted).  The effects of previous knowledge on explicit rule formation among L2 Spanish learners receiving structured input through guided-inductive instruction. Ampersand: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language Science and Bilingualism. 

 Malovrh, P. A. & J. F. Lee (in press).  What does explicit knowledge look like?: An analysis of information structure in rule formation by L2 learners and its relationship with guided inductive learning.  The Modern Language Journal, 106(4): DOI: 10.1111/modl.12810   

Lee, J. F., P. A. Malovrh, S. Doherty, & A. Nichols. (2022). A self-paced reading (SPR) study of the  effects of processing instruction on the L2 processing of active and passive sentences. Language Teaching Research,26(6): 1133-1157.  DOI:10.1177/1362168820914025

Malovrh, P. A., J. F. Lee, S. Doherty, & A. Nichols. (2020).  Efficiency versus depth of processing in the foreign-language classroom:  An SPR analysis of performance across inductive and deductive instructional contexts.  Instructed Second Language Acquisition4: 202-232.    

Moreno, N. & P. A. Malovrh. (2020).  Restructuring a beginner language program: A quantitative analysis of face-to-face versus flipped-blended Spanish instructionHispania, 103: 259-274.   

Corbitt, W. K. & P. A. Malovrh (2017).  Processing instruction and multisensory language learning: Meeting the needs of at-risk learners.  In M. Hirakawa, J. Matthews, K. Otaki, N. Snape, & M. Umeda (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the Pacific Second Language Research Forum (pp. 35-40).  The Japan Second Language Association: Tokyo, Japan.    

Malovrh, P. A. (2014a).  Variability and systematicity in interlanguage development: An analysis of mode and its effect on L2 Spanish morphology.  Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics7(1): 43-78.    

Lee, J. F. & P. A. Malovrh. (2009).  Linguistic and non-linguistic factors affecting OVS processing of accusative and dative case pronouns by advanced L2 learners of Spanish.  In J. Collentine (Ed.), Selected Proceedings of the 11th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (pp. 105 - 116).  Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.  

Malovrh, P. A. (2006). L2 sentence processing of Spanish OVS word order and direct object pronouns: An analysis of contextual constraints. In N. Sagarra & A. J. Toribio (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 9thHispanic Linguistics Symposium (pp. 169-179). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.  

Refereed Chapters 
Malovrh, P. A. & M. Menke. (2021a). The role of late-acquired structures in advanced oral proficiency: A consideration of complexity and variability as indicators of development.  In M. Menke & P. A. Malovrh (Eds.), Advancedness in Second Language Spanish: Definitions, Challenges and Possibilities (pp. 95-116). Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Malovrh, P. A. & M. Menke. (2021b). Looking ahead: Future directions for research on advancedness and instructional practice in second language Spanish. In M. Menke & P. A. Malovrh (Eds.), Advancedness in Second Language Spanish: Definitions, Challenges and Possibilities (pp. 493-506).  Amsterdam: Benjamins.  

Malovrh, P. A. & J. F. Lee. (2021). The effects of study abroad on interlanguage development: A concept-oriented analysis of advanced Spanish majors’ direct object pronouns.  In M. Menke & P. A. Malovrh (Eds.), Advancedness in Second Language Spanish: Definitions, Challenges and  Possibilities (pp. 401-420).  Amsterdam: Benjamins. 

Menke, M. & P. A. Malovrh. (2021a). The problematic pursuit of defining advancedness. In M. Menke & P. A. Malovrh (Eds.), Advancedness in Second Language Spanish: Definitions, Challenges and Possibilities (pp. 1-14). Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Menke, M. & P. A. Malovrh. (2021b). The (limited) contributions of proficiency assessments in defining advancedness.  In M. Menke & P. A. Malovrh (Eds.), Advancedness in Second Language Spanish: Definitions, Challenges and Possibilities (pp. 17-40). Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Malovrh, P. A. and N. Moreno (2018).  One goal of instructed second language acquisition: Fostering advancedness amidst globalization. In P. A. Malovrh & A. Benati (Eds.), The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition (pp. 199-218).  Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. 

Malovrh, P. A. (2014b). Object pronouns in a second language.  In K. Geeslin (Ed.), The Handbook of Spanish Second Language Acquisition, (pp. 185-201).  Malden, MA:  Wiley-Blackwell. 

Malovrh, P. A. & J. F. Lee. (2010).  Connections between processing, production and placement:Acquiring object pronouns in Spanish as a second language.  In B. VanPatten, & J. Jegerski (Eds.), Second Language Processing and Parsing (pp. 231 – 256). Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Data Elicitation and Instructional Tools

Please feel free to access my film, La tortilla rag (© Malovrh 2007) at the IRIS digital repository located at the following:

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