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My Honors College

Student Leadership and Engagement

You don’t need to look much past your front door for leadership opportunities and ways to engage with the honors community.

Cultural Engagement Program

The Cultural Engagement Program cultivates creativity throughout our community by hosting Honors College arts events and exhibitions, providing free tickets to a wide variety of cultural events, and supporting the Connoisseurs- a group of students who are committed to deeper engagement in Columbia's dynamic cultural scene.

Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are a hand-picked team of Honors College students who exemplify Honors College qualities of leadership, research, service, scholarship, and global citizenship. They are driven intellectuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and passions, but have also been known to sometimes sleep through their alarms and run late for class. They blog, Instagram, email, hang out on the Horseshoe and love to answer questions about life at the Honors College. 

Honors Peer Mentorship Program

The Honors Peer Mentorship Program is a program for incoming Honors College freshmen to help ease the transition into the Honors College and university life by grouping new students with experienced upperclassmen. New students will then have a contact from the first day they arrive on campus to help them navigate this new collegiate lifestyle.

Dean's Council

Dean's Council is an organization for honors students to make an impact on the South Carolina Honors College community. Open to Honors College students of any year and all majors, Dean's Council provides students the opportunity to gain leadership experience, promote positive change, and engage in conversations across the college.

Honors College Student Assistants

The Honors College student assistants play a role in the day-to-day operations of the Student Services department while gaining professional skills. Responsibilities include clerical duties such as filing and answering the Honors College main phone line, providing customer service to students in the Computer Lab, assisting Honors College Advisors with projects, and data entry within our internal database. Student workers also assist in specialized areas like IT and marketing.