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Alternative Beyond the Classroom Experience

An Honors Beyond the Classroom (BTC) experience focuses on one of four areas – internships, research, service learning, or study away, with a few exceptions. The BTC requirement is usually a credit-bearing experience in which a student is enrolled and receives course credit. However, on rare occasions the Honors College will allow experiences, beyond internships, study away, service learning, research and other pre-approved programs to fulfill the BTC requirement.

Students should talk to their Honors advisor about other experiences that may be suitable to meet the BTC requirement. An alternative BTC activity typically:

  • Aligns in some way with one or more of the four areas of Honors BTC -- internship, research, study away or service learning.
  • Is a structured program in which:
    1. The student works with a mentor or supervisor.
    2. The student receives regular feedback from a mentor or supervisor.
    3. The student takes part in structured reflection of the experience.

If the advisor and student deem the activity to include the above criteria, the student should complete an Alternative Beyond the Classroom Application.

Important Notes:

  1. All alternative BTC activities must receive prior approval from the Honors College in order for the activity to fulfill the BTC requirement.
  2. A non-credit bearing experience that has been approved to fulfill the BTC requirement may not be used to fulfill Honors College elective requirements.
  3. Upon completion of an approved BTC experience, students must provide documentation of engaging in at least 150 hours of the experience. If this documentation is not provided then the student will not fulfill the BTC requirement.
  4. Although valuable experiences, we do not count such activities such as participating in a mission trip, serving as a Resident Mentor, marching in the band or various types of work without a prior internship/research agreement.

Alternative Beyond the Classroom Application

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