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School of Medicine Greenville

Student Research Spotlight

Victoria Dillard

What are you researching?

Our study examined the relationships between religion, spirituality, and cultural competence of healthcare providers

How could the results benefit patients?

Analyzing healthcare providers' attributes, behaviors, and attitudes toward culture and religion is important because it impacts interactions with patients as well as the environment of the workplace. Understanding these relationships may lead to future interventions to improve culturalcompetence and healthcare delivery to diverse patient populations.

Tell us why you enjoy research.

Being a part of research at the UofSC SOM Greenville has been an honor. Working under my mentor, Dr. Kennedy, I have learned how to effectively craft a research study from top to bottom; to prepare posters, talks, and manuscripts to share our findings; and to lead a multidisciplinary team. With research at the core of the medical profession, exploring how the cultural competence of the healthcare system impacts patients has been incredibly interesting and informing. Furthermore, being a part of such a dedicated team has made me a better leader and communicator. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible minds at our institution.

What advice would you give to other students considering doing a research project?

First and foremost, ensure you are able to balance your schoolwork and clinical duties with research. Secondly, if you do not already have a mentor, identify someone through the biomedical sciences faculty or an attending physician at the hospital who is willing to help you. Lastly, realize that research is a commitment. Get involved in a project that you are interested in, and you won't feel like you are doing "work." Research is exciting, and being able to contribute to a larger purpose and goal is even more meaningful.

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