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School of Medicine Greenville

Student Research Spotlight

Kayla Schilling

What are you researching?

We are evaluating outcomes and significant events during the first 72 hours of life for newborns with a central nervous system abnormality that was diagnosed prenatally on ultrasound. We are looking to determine if there is a relationship between prenatal findings and early hospital course, in order to predict what would be the most appropriate level of care for newborns in this population.

How could the results benefit patients?

These results would equip hospitals to generate evidence-based postnatal protocols for infants with prenatally diagnosed CNS abnormalities, and determine the location for most appropriate, and affordable care. This could allow for increased infant-mother bonding, decreased costs to the hospital due to fewer care requirements, and decreased parental stress, while ensuring the highest level of care necessary for newborns.

Tell us why you enjoy research.

I am thankful to have been involved with this project from concept development and approval, through data collection and analysis, to celebrating a poster presentation at a national conference. I enjoy being able to contribute to the development of evidence-based, best practices in order to provide the best care possible for patients. Research allows me to investigate care gaps that I have noticed in my clinical experiences, and discover ways to enhance the value and success of procedures, treatments, and education for patients.

What advice would you give to other students considering doing a research project?

My advice would be to get involved in a field of research that you are passionate about! In clinical research, spending hours digging through charts, reading notes, and inputting data into a database isn't immediately gratifying, so it helps to truly care about learning something from each patient record. Seeing results come together, and how your work directly improves patient care, is truly rewarding and worth all of the hard work.

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