Gamecocks of a feather run together

Looking to go from zero to 5k in five weeks but don’t know where to start? Gamecocks on the Move can provide a plan for success for beginners or experienced pavement-pounders.

Gamecocks on the Move began two years ago when a graduate student came up with the idea of a group program to provide support and a plan that would assist runners in training for a 5-kilometer road race.

The program originally was targeted to faculty and staff, but now is open to students, who make up about half the registrants each semester.

“The program has evolved through the years and it is now more of a do-it-yourself program instead of weekly meetings as a group,” says Tina Devlin, faculty and staff program coordinator for Campus Wellness.

The only in-person meeting is the race itself, but the support and inspiration come electronically and through social media to bring a community feel to the workouts. When you register, you get an outline of your workouts, including cardio, stretching and strength training based on your current fitness level.

The group’s member-only Facebook page contains updates and tips about footwear, nutrition and injury prevention, and a weekly email keeps you motivated. Pedometers are available to monitor progress and other services are offered as well, including body-fat analysis, weight management programs and other healthy challenges.

Officially, Gamecocks on the Move begins March 24 –five weeks before the Changing Carolina Peer Leaders 5k. The only prerequisite is an interest in running, walking or a combination of both for the 3.1-mile race. The race begins at the Blatt P.E. Center, and offers a challenging course for all running levels from zero to 5k.

Get moving

Visit the Gamecocks on the Move website.

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