7 things to do before fall

Now that summer’s winding down and those long summer nights will soon turn into early fall mornings you need to enjoy every moment left. The fall semester will be filled with the excitement of new people, new classes and new adventures but before you start packing to head back to campus, take a look at a few necessary and enjoyable ways to close out the summer before returning to campus for another great school year.

1. Take a road trip

Though being away from home may be tough, make the most out of the remaining months by going on a road trip with friends. Whether you all pack into a too-small car or splurge on a plane ticket, the memories you create will bring you all so much closer. Maybe even motivating you to plan another trip during fall break, Oct. 22 - 23.

2. Find your favorite college-town restaurants

There will come a time when you’re studying at 3 a.m. and are craving something delicious to eat. Whether it be Insomnia cookies — who doesn’t love a fresh, gooey, melty cookie? — or Fast Eddie’s, try all your local restaurants before school starts so you know exactly what craving is going to get you through those long nights.

3. Go shopping for your new space

A new school year most likely means a new living space. Maybe it’s your first off-campus apartment or an awesome suite in the Women’s Quad, either way, you’ll need to find the perfect pieces to make that home-away-from-home feel like, well, home. But make sure you coordinate your list with your roommates. Taking a trip to the store together might even be a good opportunity for bonding.

4. Pamper yourself

Give yourself the TLC you deserve before you enter the stressful world of college again. Poolside lounging, massages, facials and a mani-pedi? Maybe a full day of Netflix binges or video gaming? Even better, get out of the house and try something relaxing like tubing down the local rivers or a day at Lake Murray. Look for deals going on at local salons and take advantage of student discounts. UofSC’s Outdoor Recreation rents equipment so you can get out and go camping or paddleboarding.

5.Register for classes

If you haven’t already done so, make sure that all of your classes are good to go for the fall. If you have questions or concerns about your major or responsibilities for the fall, contact UofSC advising ASAP! You can also meet with an Academic Coaching and Engagement counselor to create an academic plan for the semester.  Make sure you get a jump-start on being organized, locating your classes, finding any student affairs offices and becoming acclimated with your professors.

6.Learn to budget

With books to buy, football games watch, late night pizza deliveries and all those other “necessities,” money can disappear fast. To ensure that managing finances isn’t a major hassle meet with a coach in the Student Success Center to make a budget. Having a budget will allocate money where it’s needed and maybe even save some for trips or events throughout the year.

7.Get social!

Social networking is probably the easiest way to find out what’s going on around campus. Follow university affiliated accounts on social media such as, Instagram or Twitter. You can also follow interesting student organizations and even fellow students to make new friends!

But above all things, you must take every opportunity to make the time before fall count. And don’t forget to share how you’re spending your summer with us on social media by tagging #UofSC.

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