Four years too fast

We caught up with a few seniors graduating in May to see what their plans are and what they are going to miss most about Carolina.

Briana Austin

Briana Austin is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in business.

After graduation, Austin plans to work in the criminal justice field and pursue her master’s degree.

“What I will miss most about Carolina outside of my friends are the Russell House and events on campus that helps bring the campus community together."


Sydney Housman

Sydney Housman is a graduating with a bachelor’s degree in international business and finance.

After graduation, Housman will work at Manhattan Associates as a consultant.

“What I'm going to miss most at Carolina is the simplicity of our days, and the people we shared them with.”


Abhi Malkan

Malkan is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and a minor in chemistry.

After graduation, Malkan plans to attend medical school and pursue his goal of becoming a physician.

“One of the things I will miss most about USC is not only the friendly environment but also the professors and faculty members that have been very helpful throughout my college career.

“I will also miss the experience of being a member of various organizations and supporting the Gamecocks at sporting events with my fellow students.

"USC has become my second home, and I’m thankful for all the opportunities that it has provided for me.”


Lauren McCarthy

Lauren McCarthy is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management with a focus in human resources.

After graduation, McCarthy will work as a management traveler for Aspen Square Management.

“I guess what I’ll miss most is the overall ‘college experience.’

“You hear adults talking about it all the time, ‘it’s part of the college experience’ and looking back on the past 4 years, I can remember iconic moments where I made spontaneous decisions, learned valuable lessons, and had the time of my life.

“I will miss being able to justify myself beyond my actions being apart of the ‘college experience.’ ”


Trevor Prioleau

Trevor Prioleau is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance and management science/GSCOM.

After graduation, Prioleau will work with Vanguard in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I will miss the idea of ‘no limits’ that the university has to offer.

Everyday I will remind myself that I am a Gamecock and, indeed, the world has 'No Limits!’ ”


Marie Silver

Marie Silver is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English.

After graduation, Silver will attend graduate school at Clemson University for counselor education in student affairs.

“After graduation, I will miss the friends who I have met and the wonderful faculty who have given me the building blocks to become the best professional and individual that I can be.

“Moving forward, I will take what I have learned into my future career and into the next chapters of my life."

"Forever in my heart, USC. Forever to thee!”

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