Moving on up

It's less than a month before the first day of class. We’ve put together a few tips for moving and packing to come back to your home away from home.

Shopping for a semester

Look at the dimensions and layout of your apartment or house before you go back-to-school shopping. That will you keep you from buying a rug or piece of furniture that’s too big. Also, talk with all your roommate beforehand. Communication will help with your friendships as well as not having two of everything.

Take inventory of what you already have and try to downsize. If you don’t remember using something last year, chances are you won’t use it again this year. It’s okay to leave things at home for safekeeping.

Don’t forget to contact companies that need to know your new address for sending mail, prescription medicines and other timely items. And double-check online for last minute move-in information or important dates you may have missed.

Packing and the process

Packing doesn’t have to be such a pain. Roll things up in stackable bins to consolidate space both in the car and room. Remember that all types of situations arise in college, so bring clothing that is both comfortable and professional to always look your best. Tape jewelry or items that get easily tangled down to a piece of paper to avoid a twisted mess when unpacking.

Put heavier items in a rolling suitcase to move them around easily. Your back will thank you when you’re older. Use containers like laundry baskets for bulky or awkward items, like many pairs of shoes. Also, think about renting a handcart for the heaviest items.

When you arrive

Before you start unpacking, look around and take pictures of any damages you may see in your room. Make sure your landlord knows what it looked like before you moved in so you don’t get fined for something you didn’t do.

Once everything is unpacked, take another inventory to see what’s missing while you have free time to make a run to the store. 

Then just settle in and get ready for another great year as a Gamecock.

For more information about moving and living off-campus visit the Office of Off-Campus Living's website.

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