'Twas the week before game day

Fall 2018 has brought a lot of changes to the university, including updating the way we request, view and use our student football tickets.

The new way to request your student tickets is easier than ever. First, download the SC Rewards app and create an account with your university email address. Tap the “Tickets” icon in the menu and “Student Ticket Request.” Select “Buy now” and verify your information. Tap “Purchase now for $0.”

Ticket claim opens at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. All students who have opted to receive text notifications will be sent a link by text to claim their tickets. You also can sign into the app and choose “Student Claim-Guaranteed Lower/Upper Tickets” and tap “Buy now” then “Purchase now for $0” to claim your seat. Ticket claim will end at 4 p.m. on Thursday. If you don’t claim your ticket by then, it will go back on the market.

To access your ticket on Saturday, click the link in the text message sent from the number 986-96 that morning or go through the app. You can add the barcode to your Apple Wallet for easier access.

For step-by-step instructions, visit the SC Rewards App website.

Once you’ve gotten your ticket, you’re set to tailgate. For you newcomers, we have a few pro tips to save you money and time.

1. Eat a big breakfast. Personally, we recommend chicken biscuits or pancakes.

2. Live off campus? Uber to Greene Street and take the free shuttle. It saves you a lot of money for parking around the stadium and the shuttle has its own route that avoids gameday traffic.

3. If you are carrying a bag, make sure it is clear (see-through) or smaller than your hand. Besides, what more do you need other than keys, cash and phone?

4. If you have pepper spray or a pocket knife on your key chain, take it off before you leave your car. You can’t bring these items into the stadium.

5. Ticketholders can bring one unopened water bottle from outside the stadium, so bring one with you. You can refill it and save money on staying hydrated, which is very important, especially during early season games.

6. Hand sanitizer is your friend. If you’ve ever been inside a port-a-potty, you know why.

7. Don’t forget, if you don’t have plans, there’s always a student tailgate on Greene Street with free snacks.

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